††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† BANKRUPSY PENDING.


My website and Internet presence is today in considerable jeopardy, as I am rapidly running out of money. I currently owe the bank about £12,000 and work has dried up, so my chances of paying them anything back are negligible. I could be wiped out by June 2007. As I wonít be able to pay phone bills or internet connection charges, I may well soon be closing down all of this Ė 1,000 pages on my website,and my contact with Myspace†† will all be lost. I have been struggling in hope of making breaks and changes that just havenít happened.


I have been working through agencies in retail warehousing, but for over a year, getting all but the most temporary assignments from the pretty useless agencies has been nigh on impossible. It isnít as though I havenít been looking for work. This year alone I have applied for 240 jobs. Only a handful has even had the courtesy to write back and say no. The chain of temporary jobs has fragmented my CV, which you can see online at MY CV 

††††††††††† I have naively carried on living my life as ever in the hope of a break or change in my situation. Thatís why my debts have soared. Being a graduate and with years of warehousing experience, I shouldnít be finding it so hard to find work, but I am. My age, 45, plays against me. Many jobs in my field now want people to work shifts I canít do, as I donít drive and public transport wonít get me ten miles away by 6 AM.Many agencies are exploiting the new wave of migrant workers who are genuinely desperate enough to work for a minimum wage and poor working conditions, which abuses them and drastically lowers my chances of getting the same abuse.The migrants then face a backlash from the right wing extremists who accuse them of taking the work, but it isnít their fault Ė itís the system willing to import sweat shop non-union protection labour and leave experienced staff like myself out to dry.The migrants are victims, and to some extent, so am I.

My qualifications render me over-qualified for much work, while my work experience means that jobs for graduates tend to be out of my reach too. I mainly took philosophy and literature to improve my mind Ė after being in a cult that taught me not to think in the early 1980ís BRAINWASHED - A CULT SURVIVOR'S TALE  I never exploited my degree for getting the right kind of work. Now itís too late.

†††††††††††††† I also have a reputation for being quite militant with bad employers, though I have never been sacked from any job.

††††††††††† My writing has given me some income, but nothing like enough to survive on. I have added sponsored ads to my web pages which get lots of visitors but relatively few click on the links and help support me there too. I think I have a decent website, but promoting it has never been my strong point. The same goes with my writing. Itís OK, but it isnít going to set the world on fire.

††††††††††† I will do my best to keep going, but when closedown comes it could be very sudden and merciless, so proper farewells wonít be an option. Iíll still be open until the bitter end if I can. Thank you to all my friends here for your contact and support. If you tell all your friends to look in on my website, they might well get to see me go down with the ship like the captain of the Titanic.     


NB The immediate crisis given here is abated though my finances remain in tatters. At least, thanks to the CAB and generous support from family and friends, the direst consequences are less  of an immediate threat than before. I will keep you posted. 

Arthur Chappell