It proved to be a pleasant evening after a day of rain, and the early arrivals chatted cheerfully as we queued to go in.


As the show was themed around musicals many from the audience came along in fancy dress, including the Wicked Witch Of The West & Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz. 


Bella Besame was dressed as one of the Pink Ladies from Grease, and greeted everyone as we arrived. 


Mikey Wong DJ’d, making a terrific Slippery Belle debut, with a very cool pre-show jazz-score.


CRIMSON SKYE returned as compeer, in a black corset, and panties, and in great form with her insane redneck Southern drawl delivery. She opened the show with a superb mime to country standard, ‘Have You Ever Been Loved?’ She reminded us to shout ‘Yee Hah’ and ‘Howdy Pardner’ a lot on threat to take her chainsaw to us if we didn’t, and the chainsaw was brought out to show she meant it later. 


BAMBI LA BEAU was this month’s maid, with lots of props and costume-wear to recover and help set up between acts, and the traditional target for much baiting by the compeer, but she smiled and looked as if she was enjoying her torment so much.  


MONA VON CHROME was the first dancer, and she chose a Little Shop Of Horrors tune, the ‘Be A Dentist’ song, and she was considerably sexier than Steve Martin in the role.  She wore a white Dental surgeon coat with ‘Dentist’ written on the back in Elvis Vegas style lettering, panties, knee high boots, and Molar teeth shaped pasties. 


THE BONESHAKERS were on next, and I last saw them at the  LEEDS EROTICA FESTIVAL in 2008. They are a trio of exceptionally well-choreographed dancers,  and came on as three old ladies playing bingo. The costumes were great, though no one could doubt they were really beautiful women, as thy proved when they celebrated their full house and slowly peeled away surgical stockings and other old timer-wear to the song Luck Be A Lady Tonight.


EVE D'EMERALDE, the Maid from the previous show, (BURLESQUE 16) and a well-established Slippery Belle favourite, was next, with a great rendition of Me And My Shadow, performed with a cutout silhouette shadow. Eve danced in a bowler hat, white-shirt, black skirt & red shoes with great style & energy.


NICOLE A LURE performed next, presenting Nicole Kidman’s medley of raunchy songs from Moulin Rouge, including Marilyn Monroe’s Diamonds are A Girl’s Best Friend & Madonna’s Material Girl, starting out in a dark pleated dress, and a top hat, and lots of sparkling diamond effects.


PHILLY CARAMEL was the last artiste in the first half, and she had flown in especially from New York to entertain us. She began with a very proficient ballet performance, and she might well have been able to wow us had she just kept to that, as she looked so beautiful and in control - It was easy to forget that this was a burlesque watching her, but she soon changed the tone by being seen taking cocaine and booze, which affected her performance, making her dancing deliberately more erratic, as she peeled away her inhibiting costume to finish with a dying swan collapse to the floor. 


An interval followed, during which some fun-bags were on display and sale for the audience.  I wasn’t able to afford any as presents at the time, but they looked great.


Part Two opened with CRIMSON SKYE miming to ‘You’re A Humdinger’, followed quickly by  MONA VON CHROME’s second Little Shop Of Horrors number, this time as Audrey 2, dancing to Mean Green Mother From Outer Space, with green hair, a transparent plant-like corset & black gloves.


THE BONESHAKERS came out to do The Time Warp, from The Rocky Horror Show, dressed initially as Magenta, and struggling to follow the instructions from cue cards,  and take garments off in the process, while many of the audience couldn’t resist joining in with the dance floor favourite steps themselves as many more might have done with more room to move around freely. 

EVE D'EMERALDE presented a Bollywood inspired dance routine,  moving with considerable pace and energy, in black flared trousers with zips that opened to expose her lovely legs in a stunning new routine.

MISS LETHAL GEM has appeared as a hapless magician’s assistant at the shows before, (see BURLESQUE 14),and I have seen her sing at other cabaret events. This was her Manchester stage burlesque performer debut, and she chose a number from The Jerry Springer Opera, about a shameless prostitute, dancing in red petticoat bloomers, black & red corset, a feather boa and heart shaped pasties – a lovely, daring debut that will surely lead to return appearances in future. 


A chap from the audience who dared to wear a kilt was invited to show that he was bold enough to wear nothing underneath by flashing his rear to the audience. When there was disappointment that he wore underpants, they were quickly removed to allow the appreciative crowd to see his posterior properly to much cheer.


PHILLY CARAMEL returned to do a second set, in ultra-cool shiny Trinity from the Matrix style PVC and sunglasses, looking absolutely sensational even before she took them off to reveal her bra & panties and pasties.


NICOLE A LURE closed the main show with a show-stopping number, when you’re Good To Mamma, from Chicago, beginning in a fiery red dress  that quickly fell away.


Bella came on to thank everyone from the dancers, to the bar staff, Crimson, & Bambi alike, and announced the Bella’s Birthday theme for the September show, which promises to Be even more outstanding. Best dressed awards went unsurprisingly to Dorothy Gale & her Wicked Witch nemesis for their excellent outfits.


A very lively 50’s & 60’s rock & roll dance-fest followed, and I got to chat to lots of lovely people before I left, already looking forward to September’s show.



SLIPPERY BELLE - Manchester, Leeds & Huddersfield burlesque performance and training.


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