The second Burlesque event I attended at Manchesterís Tiger Lounge bar was every inch as enjoyable as the previous one As I arrived, Miss Ruby Fortune was singing lead vocals with the superb. Tailshakers, Band. It was just a final sound check rehearsal, but it was as good as a performance in itself.

††††††††††† Later, the band played in earnest, a mixture of sixties Rock & Roll, with hints of Country and Skiffle.They worked through some fine cover versions of Johnny Cash songs and others, with the drum machine player in the foreground acting also as lead vocalist, until that distinction shifted the bass player and later to Ruby Fortune. The two sets played were excellent if too short, though of course the night really belonged to the ladies.

††††††††††† The shamelessly politically incorrectly named Eva Braun opened the dancing in style. Ruby Fortune, Dolly Mae, Bunny Monroe, and Beatrix Von Bourbon added to the performance list in style too.

††††††††††† Best was the delightful telephone sex number performed with a 1950ís telephone as a prop that showed how the phone mouth and hearing pieces served as perfect breast covers.

††††††††††† Another highlight was the young lady who lay back on the floor while she used one shapely leg to remove the stocking from the other Ė the moment of stepping out of hose or panties is that which can most easily look awkward and clumsy compared to the teasing dances possible with the upper body, but the dancers here make it all look so easy, which Iím sure it isnít.

††††††††††† Another dancer offered a sponge bath, soaping her down nicely and finally pouring the remaining water down her ample frontage.

††††††††††† Some of the girls got lads in the audience to remove feather boas and take other props, making the mood of events very interactive and raunchy. As last time, Liam revenge proved to be a great DJ.

††††††††††† On Tuesday another Burlesque troupe, The Slipper Belle Burlesque, are entertaining everyone at a different bar in Manchester, Po Na Na, on Charles Street. I can hardly wait.

††††††††††† I was quite saddened that the next Tiger Lounge event is at Easter when I am away elsewhere. Iíll certainly be back for future shows though.


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