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I arrived about half an hour before the doors opened as the queue was just forming and met up with several friends, including Tom Clark, who was celebrating his birthday and coming to Slippery Belle for the first time. Everyone (in the growing line in general) was relaxed and happy despite how cold it was. Right on time, at 8 pm, the doors opened and we filed in. 


The theme was Hollywood Casting Couch, and many in the audience had dressed in appropriate style and glamour. One lady was dressed as Audrey Hepburn. A man sitting by her was dressed as Humphrey Bogart (to be teased by compeer ROSIE LUGOSI as having come as Danny DeVito later).

 After an hour of relaxing cool 1940’s and 1950’s cool jazz tunes the stage was prepared for the show itself. A small desk was set out with a little typewriter on it.


ROSIE LUGOSI came out, calling on us to acknowledge her domination of us with responses of ‘Yes Mistress’ to her every question, and anyone not joining in initially with the audience found them having to say it to her and for her on heir own.


The opening dance came from ANGEL DE LITE, as an office worker, giving way to hot flushes as she drooled over a photo of a movie star (I couldn’t make out who was in the photo she used), before letting her hair down, and freeing herself from her skirt, blouse and glasses go, to reveal a body hugging corset, and ruby red tassel pasties.  It was a great opening to a great show.


Rosie teased her very pouty MAID, as she picked up Angel’s discarded clothes and props, and replaced them with a cardboard cut out flat screen TV, virtually just a drawing on a small tray.  This was in preparation for LEIGH MON MERINGUE, dancing despite her recent dislocated elbow, who grew frisky as she dusted the room around the TV, and again, removed several layers of clothing, and corsetry to ‘I’m Feeling Good’. 


One of the Slippery Belle’s boldest and most original acts followed, with an artiste introduced as the first ‘boylesque’ performer to take the stage there for a while, MR. PRODUCER. Here was the casting couch theme in earnest. We had seen ladies dreaming and fantasizing of a film career and now we had a film maker who was sleazily deciding who might get to live that dream in reality.


Dressed in a suit, and sitting at his office desk, the sleazy gangster-like producer looked through the photos of several actresses, discarding each as unworthy, until he saw the image of starlet, Miss AuroraBoobRealis who he called for and then went into a masturbation fantasy routine, complete with fake genitalia, as he drooled over her, with a Marilyn Monroe sound-a-like audio track playing in the background.  There was to be a genuinely dramatic and surprising sequel to this scene in the second half of the show.


The first half had two artistes still to  be presented, and the first of these, AVA AMORE, from Leeds, arrived in a red dress, patterned tights, with playing cards strategically over her cleavage, breasts, and panties. Her ballet standard twirls gave tremendous grace  and as ROSIE LUGOSI observed, even made the music by Sting sound sexy, which takes some doing.

Rosie played with her loyal subjects between acts, and picking up on a line from a member of the audience, gave us a new catch-phrase, ‘Carpet-Munchers’.


We were promised some serious ‘culture’ by the soon to arrive closing act, V.J SPANKIE who came out in Age Of Reason Viennese society clothes, with a violin, to present us with some Mozart music, which soon turned into ‘Rock Me Amadeus, as the layers of finery and colourful elegance were removed to our delight and delectation.


After a short break, during which the MAID posed beautifully on the stage area for the photographers, and a bottle of wine was shared with everyone on our table by Tom, (a change from my usual bitter drinking for me) the show was back on.

A lady from the audience had been to ROSIE LUGOSI to say ‘I’m terribly sorry, but you look gorgeous’. Rosie jokingly shared with everyone that she was both genuinely flattered (and she always does look incredibly gorgeous), but also to ask why anyone would need to ‘apologise’ for what should be a cause for elation and celebration.


 LEIGH MON MERINGUE presented a stunning Marilyn Monroe impersonation, revealing herself to be as much a beauty as the Hollywood goddess ever was.


ANGEL DE LITE arrived on stage as the ultimate Dandy Highwayman, Adam, Ant, complete with mask, tricorn hat and pistol. She left wearing much less.


The next act was the biggest surprise of the night for many. Miss AuroraBoobRealis came on in a fast moving dance, swirling in white ribbons and revealing more and more of herself as she twirled, with the removal of her wig drawing a fantastic gasp from many in the audience, as it proved she was the same performer who had been MR. PRODUCER in the first half of the show.  There were clues, namely in Miss AuroraBoobRealis (set out as she spells it herself) being the very lady he had been turned on by. I did in fact recognize her, having spoken with her at a previous show when she had been chatting with me while were both in the audience. It was the use of her name in the opening male impersonation scene that told me who I was watching. It was a stunning Victor-Victoria ruse, and done with brilliant timing and effect.


AVA AMORE had a hard act to follow, and did so in great style, with a Bollywood style belly dancing routine, in a very colourful outfit, with ribbons, feathers, and transparent satin under-garments.


V.J SPANKIE closed the dancing when she came out uglified as the old witch crone figure from Snow White, becoming more glamorous as she removed the cloak, though as her beauty was revealed she was soaking herself in the contents of a bottle marked poison, becoming the ultimate femme-fatale, drawing attraction and making her potential lovers know that they would come to a tragic fate if they came closer but being so alluring that many would want to take the chance and try. The music being Alice Cooper’s Poison was an additional hint, but such glamour is so intoxicating….


With closing thank you messages to the artistes, Voodoo Lounge staff, and the audience, from both ROSIE LUGOSI and event organizer BELLA BESAME, it was now over to DJ MIKEY WONG to dance us away into the early hours, though I had to leave early with a busy Saturday ahead of me. It had been an amazing show as always, and a huge thanks to my lovely friends with whom it was a pleasure, as always, to be there. 



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