(English Civil War history pages are not listed here as they have their own page at  ENGLISH CIVIL WAR HISTORY  AND RE-ENACTMENT PAGES 


ANGEL MEADOW – MANCHESTER ANGEL MEADOW - My family history shows some Humanistic influences from French Huguenots onwards. 

 ART - What is art? 


BOSIE Oscar Wilde’s lover’s own story.


BRADLAUGH, CHARLES - -- DARWIN, BRADLAUGH & KROPOTKIN- The lives of three of the most important Victorian atheists and Humanists reviewed.

 EGYPTOLOGY- Talk by the Manchester based Ancient Egypt Studies Society.

FREEMASONRY -  Humanist views on The Freemasons JOHN PHILIMORE OF THE FREEMASONS - Leading freemason's response to my article on Freemasons.

HATWORKS MUSEUM - Review of a visit to Stockport's delightful and informative museum on the history of hats. 


HUMANISM’S  PRECURSERS - Stoics, Sceptics, Cynics and Epicurean philosophers in ancient Greece - Were they the ancestors of Humanism?

LADY GODIVA -Did she really ride naked through Coventry? 

 LOCAL HERO - SAMUEL (MAGGOTY) JOHNSON - The bizarre but true life of an eccentric Cheshire court jester and dramatist.

MANCHESTER MARTYRS - The death of Irish IRA men in Manchester and their controversial monument in Moston Cemetery. 


NAZIS - NAIL THE BIG LIE --  Attacking hateful claims that Humanists are Nazis at heart.


THOMAS PAINE - The life and times of one of the true heroes of Humanism


PENTECOST - The whit week walks and the Walt Whitman Connection.

PRINCESS DIANA Controversial reaction to the death of The Princess Of Wales.

SAINTS  What is a saint or a martyr? Do their claims to fame really stand up?




SCIENCE FICTION SCIENCE FICTION  Ambitious study of the history of the SF/Fantasy genres from a Humanistic perspective. In Six parts and with a Bibliography too. PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6   BIBLIOGRAPHY


TURING, ALAN - HUMAN NATURE Just what makes us Human? With reference to Artificial Intelligence, Alan Turing and the Turing Test procedure.


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