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                                                 LETTER N         

NANTWICH UNDER SIEGE 1644 History of the English Civil war siege re-enacted by myself and many others each year. HISTORY OF THE SIEGE OF NANTWICH 1644 

NAZIS - NAIL THE BIG LIE --  Attacking hateful claims that Humanists are Nazis at heart.

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES (NDE’S) NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES - What happens to you when you come close to death? Some people describe visits to Heaven. I strongly disagree with their claims.

NEGLECTED CLASSICS - Books of interest to atheists, but which are easily overlooked. 

NEWCOMERS TO HUMANISM - Information for people joining a Humanist society.

NEWS  Details of changes and events in my life, which are topical and have interest, i.e., writing competitions I am currently entering, etc.


NO TO WAR IN IRAQ - /say.no.to.war.in.iraq.htm A Pacifist call for the war to be stopped, issued before it started, which shows how much they listen to me.


NON-RELIGIOUS  CEREMONIES HUMANIST CEREMONIES Non-religious weddings, baby namings and funerals.

NOTHING - Doing nothing and enjoying the experience immensely. 

A TO Z CONTENTS LISTINGS   A   B   C   D   E       F     G      H   I   J      K     L         M       N       O    P    Q        R    S   T   U   V    W    X   Y     Z


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