Due to intense daily phone calls from my bank creditors concerning a debt of 13,500, which is already being paid back, and in negotiation through appropriate legal and financial processes, I have issued the bank and its call centres with the following statement.


Consumer Debt Recovery Team
Lloyds TSB plc
Queens Road Quadrant
Brighton BN1 3XJ

(Their) Phone - 01273743574


COPIES TO Lloyds TSB 276 Moston Lane Moston Manchester Greater Manchester
M40 9WB

Card Services, Lloyds/TSB Bank PLC, PO Box 13130, Brighton, BN1 4UZ

Citizen's Advice Bureau, Manchester M4 5JW

REF - Gold card account number - XXXXXX

Dear Sir / Madam,
18th February 2008

I am writing in relation to the quantity and frequency of telephone
calls that I have received from your company. I must insist that these
calls be stopped immediately.  As you are aware, I am regrettably in
debt to the tune of 13,500 due to limited work coming via temporary
contracts at present.  This debt (my only one) is being sorted out
through the CAB and about 800 has already been paid back voluntarily by

Despite promises to freeze the interest on my account, I receive letters
telling me the interest is increasing. I also receive persistent
nuisance phone calls from the Brighton address and number given above
that show wilful disregard for privacy and confidentiality. My parents
are now fully aware of my debts because they have answered these
hateful; useless calls (up to five times a week) almost as often as I
have.  As the callers have been told by myself that all correspondence
that involves repayment plans and negotiations MUST go through the CAB
contact given above, having the Brighton call centre people call me at
all is paramount to pure harassment and bullying which must stop
immediately. Please have my numbers removed from their files

Their appalling behaviour will not in any way assist the bank in
recovering its money any more quickly. It will actually cost the bank
more money than they will receive each month to continue to insult
myself and distress my elderly parents (both of who a have serious
health issues already). The calls serve only as a colossal waste of my
own time and the bank's resources.

When the Brighton team leave a message to call them back urgently, on
the number given above, calling them back merely activates an automated
message telling me (or my parents who pay the phone bill) that the 'bank'
phoned earlier and will call again soon to discuss important financial
issues.  It is not possible to call this number and speak to a human
being.  Why does the bank have people in debt already make expensive
unnecessary phone calls to people who have no intention or means of
replying to those calls? The money lost in making such calls is money
that the bank should be receiving - not BT or the Brighton-Mafia they
hire, who behaves worse than back street loan sharks.

When Brighton phone up and I actually answer, they insist on hearing
again and again, (like something out of Groundhog Day), what I am doing
to pay back the bank.  They are rude and surly and impatient, and always
phone again within days with the same query even when told the simple
explicit truth - that the CAB are handling my case and all calls from
bank personnel must go through them. I will, from now on, refuse to
communicate with anyone connected to the bank phoning me instead of
sending me their concerns in writing, with copies of all communications
also being addressed to the CAB.

I deem the phone calls to be to personally harassing. The calls come at
all hours of the day and evening, including Saturdays, and Sundays and
bank holidays when the bank branches themselves are obviously closed.

I am of the view that your continued harassment of me by telephone puts
you in serious breach of Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act
1970, and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. If you continue to
harass me by telephone, you will also be in breach of the Communications
Act (2003) s.127 and I will without hesitation, report you to OFCOM,
Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading, meaning that you will
be liable to a substantial fine. Please treat this also as a formal
complaint, and send me a copy of your company complaints procedure. I
may also forward my concerns to BBC Watchdog and The Jeremy Vine Radio
Two show.
Be advised that any further telephone calls from your companies will be
logged, timed and possibly also recorded.

I have also shared my concerns with people online, as there are websites
showing that many people have faced similar harassment and nuisance
persistent calls from the Brighton team. Here is a recent media report
on the effects the Brighton team have had on their unfortunate victims.

Some website discussion boards where people discuss concerns about the
01273743574 calls - showing that I am by no means the only victim of
such appalling behaviour. http://www.whocalled.us/lookup/01273743574



You must be so proud of yourselves.
Yours faithfully,



Copyright. Arthur Chappell


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