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††††††††††† What follows is a study of what wetlook enthusiasts actually do, and what they might wear and what they donít tend to wear in order to do it. I shall explore the challenges, advantages and disadvantages of different environments and approaches to wetlook fashion and activity.

††††††††††† As might be expected, any source of water from a dripping tap to the ocean can be used for wetlook purposes. Sometimes, the source will be exploited spontaneously, and on other occasions, the approach to the water might have been planned and prepared from some time in advance. In some cases, an enthusiast might find to his or her delight that they have been soaked without even expecting it; i.e., if, without warning, a third party throws water over them, or throws them into a pool, or if they get caught in heavy rain. 


†††††††††††††††††††††††    †††††††††††††††††††† WATCHING OR TAKING PART?


††††††††††† Not all wetlook enthusiasts get wet themselves. Many like to see their partner, or women in general taking a soaking in some source of water or other.

††††††††††† Some voyeurs would happily join in with the girls getting wet if opportunity presented itself. Others might actually refuse to do so even If the opportunity arose.

††††††††††† Voyeurism may be satisfied to some extent through the looking at wetlook photos, art and film footage, but for many the Holy Grail of wetlook is the sight of girls getting wet in live action at close proximity.

††††††††††† Watching people getting wet without specifically asking them is considered by many to be an invasion of privacy. Clearly someone who covertly spies on a woman in her own home is breaking the law, and deserves the full punishment that comes to him for such Peeping Tom antics. More problematic is the observation of people getting wet in more public places. A group of people splashing around in a public fountain, or in the sea on a crowded popular beach like Blackpool, Lancashire, in England, will attract many observers. Many will take photographs and shoot video footage. Most such observers and souvenir collectors will be simply taking a memento of a happy occasion, while others will be more focused on watching particular people. The danger that children will be watched by Pedophiles is an obvious one, but the wetlook enthusiast watching for grown up women taking a swim in jeans and tank tops may also be observing the multitude of bathers. Moral questions will be asked as to whether s/he should be allowed to do so or not.

††††††††††† I for one, try not to stare at events that I consider intimate and personal. In most cases however, I find that wetlook enthusiasts who bathe in places where the public have open access, have no real bug to bear with being seen. If I wished to swim in water without being seen, I would head somewhere more secluded than a public beach under a promenade, with pay to view telescopes and carefully prepared viewing/seating areas that turn the beach into an amphitheatre.

††††††††††† I will on the whole happily hang around a source of water where I suspect some girl or other might come along to swim in her clothes. More often than not, there will be a sense of disappointment when no such woman turns up. There is a great sadness about lost opportunities. An empty pool, or one in which only men, or children swim around, tends to depress me.

††††††††††† When girls do come along to splash around, and swim, I will observe them as discreetly as possible. It might be assumed that my observations would inspire the need for me to masturbate, but I usually find my fascination is more cerebral and aesthetic. Masturbatory urges may come to me later in privacy as my observations assimilate into my sexual fantasy mindset, when I imagine that I had more communication with the women than I had as a more detached remote observer.

††††††††††† We cannot avoid watching other people. Unless we are blind, people and events will come into our range of vision. If they behave in a way that inspires  or entertains us, we will watch more closely and with more attention. That is natural human curiosity.

††††††††††† Sometimes, we are at risk of seeing something we might rather not look at. We donít look closely at other people who are using public lavatories at the same time as us.A girl who suddenly needs to change her clothes might have any men present turn around and look the other way until she has accomplished the transformation. Most men will respect her wishes enough not to peep around or get out mirrors from a pocket to be able to ogle her activity.

††††††††††† With a woman who gets wet in public, the activity is sufficiently rare and unusual, as well as pleasant as an occurrence, that people will inevitably notice what the girl is up to. The girl who gets wet in a public place is either so taken with her activity as not to care about whether she is seen or not, or she even appreciates having an audience.

††††††††††† On many occasions, though male, I have taken to a fountain or an open pool of water myself, because I do like to get wet as well as watching others doing so. Inevitably, people watch me doing this. Some take photographs. A few ask the obvious opening line of conversation about whether the water is cold or not. A few shout to me that I am either brave or bloody stupid or both.Sometimes, people decide to join me. On a few happy occasions it has been a group of attractive girls. Sadly, it has only once been a single unaccompanied woman.

††††††††††† I have never felt threatened by the voyeurism of my audiences. I do steer clear of the water if the area around it is full has drunken football fans though.

††††††††††† I would advise, that anyone who has developed a nervous or bad conscience about watching people getting wet, should get wet themselves in their clothes in public, and see how people react and respond to what they are doing.I find that most people regard such activity as harmless eccentric fun. They regard the swimmer, wader as foolish, but happy. It cheers them up to see what is going on. It can even encourage observers to become participants.

††††††††††† I will watch girls getting wet, when I find it permissible to do so. Given a chance however, I would want to join in with them; occasionally I have gone into the water in the hope of drawing others to follow, with various degrees of success.

††††††††††† Many wetlook enthusiasts limit themselves to only a few areas of the spectrum of what water has to offer. Some water watchers will not get wet themselves under any circumstances. They get off on what they see, but choose not to participate. Others wish to get wet themselves, taking in the tactile sensation of soaked clinging floaty cloth, but they have little interest in interaction with others in wetlook activity.

††††††††††† I have broadened my interest across the whole spectrum, with only extreme practices such as golden showers giving me no inspiration.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† THE BAPTISM CONTROVERSY

One of the most controversial areas of wetlook is the fascination its voyeuristic enthusiasts have for religious baptisms. Many wet-webbers, and photograph/video footage collectors cherish the look of girls being dunked in font-pools for fully clothed, total emersion baptism ceremonies. The girls rise from the water looking ecstatic from a combination of the thrill of the water and their completed conversions. To many, exploitation of the baptism event is a step too far. Pictures of baptisms are generally taken to capture a souvenir of an extremely important moment in someoneís life. The acquisition of those images for aesthetic and sexual pleasure beyond the religious strikes many as blasphemous and an invasion of privacy.

††††††††††† It seems a matter of time before wetlook enthusiastís start having fake baptism ceremonies of their own as an excuse to soak their own clothes for one anotherís entertainment. 

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††    †††††††††††††††††††† WHERE BEST TO GET WET

††††††††††† The diversity and range of experiences within the wetlook fetish range is extraordinary. Here is some insight into what wetlook can encompass.

Why look at only red or blue when you can take in the whole of the rainbow?

Not all wetlook involves total soaking or emersion.†† For many a full plunge right under the surface of deep pools is best, but it may not always be possible or practical. I have often faced the frustration of having to turn down opportunities to get wet. I have been near fountains chatting to wet women who have tried to lure me into the water with them but I have been stuck at the time with library books, or other material that I dare not get wet. (Leaving things unattended in a city like Manchester is a good way to attract thieves or even the bomb-squad). Another problem for me is that I donít drive. This means that I am utterly dependent on public transport. Some bus and taxi drivers are reluctant to let passengers on who are dripping wet on a perfectly dry day.I have come to really love warm summer evening rain, as it gets me wet anyway and gives me an excuse for further emersion in fountains and other water sources.

When a full soaking isnít practical or possible, a partial emersion may still be an option. The soaking of a sleeve, or a fragment of clothing may well compensate slightly for the lack of complete drenching of a given outfit. A slightly endampened area of clothing will generally be less easy for others to notice, and it can dry off quickly too.

A variation on this is to have wet clothes under dry ones. Many people into the tactile feel of wet clothing do this. Warm dry clothing can conceal a soaked shirt or underwear. Clearly the wet materials have to be dry enough not to simply soak into and through the covering material, but there is a great thrill to be had from the guilty secret of feeling an underlying dampness beneath a visibly dry appearance.

††††††††††† Sometimes a partial soaking may be achieved by the amount of water available being limited. Sometimes, a hot, sticky individual may have only a glass or bottle of water. They will drink some, and they may cool themselves down by pouring the remainder (whatever can be safely spared before the water supplies can be replenished) over their heads or onto their clothes.

Some wet-look activists even make a habit of being clumsy and Ďaccidentallyí spilling water or other cool liquids down their clothes in front of others in order to experience the wet sensation, be seen being partially wet, and possibly enjoy having someone helping them to dry off or find fresh clothes.

Everyone gets wet in their clothes at some time in their lives. . Few people have not been caught out by the rain, or been splashed by a car as itches gone through a puddle.In cold wintry conditions, such an experience is wretched, even to the most dedicated wetlook activist. In summer however, it can be refreshing and cooling. After a hot sticky day in a humid office with poor air-conditioning, many people will welcome the rain. They wonít bother with an umbrella, or rushing to shelter. They will cheerfully walk through the shower to get as wet as possible. They may get so soaked in the initial heavy downpour that they cease caring about any further moisture.For many, this is where wetlook starts. They enjoy the sensation of wet cloth so much they want to have it again. If the rain isnít falling, they will use other sources of water.After all, why not just turn on the shower in the bathroom? Itís rain you can control yourself. Whether you get wet or not ceases to be in the hands of the gods.

In many countries where rain is incessant, people simply get used to it, and even ignore it. Rain forests are so called for an obvious reason. Anyone not wishing to get wet there would end up being able to do virtually nothing but take shelter for most of his or her visit or stay there.

In Europe, and especially in England, rain is a much less predictable force. Many complain that it rains too often, but wetlook fans may find that the day can stay frustratingly dry just as often.

Rain can create spectacular puddles, which wetlook fans will exploit to the full, jumping, splashing and rolling about in them. It is of course wise to check their depth before leaping into one that is unknown to you.

Puddles can be an obstacle for people who donít want to get wet, in that they may be unavoidable, and traffic may go through them causing a tidal wave of water to hit any pedestrians who are in their path. Some wetlook fans watch out for such puddles and intentionally wait for cars to go through them in the hope of such a spray-soak effect.

Rain can create hazardous flood conditions, and no one really wants to see their house or car damaged by rising waters. Wetlook fans will take part in flood prevention measures, and assist in any rescue or salvage activity required as much as anyone, but if an area is lightly flooded, they may well make the most of it and wade, splash and even swim through the swollen water while it is there.

Broken water mains and damaged fire hydrants will deluge a street with water, and many wetlook fans will exploit them until the source of water is repaired. It is not unknown for such apparatus to be intentionally vandalized so that people can get wet from them, but that is criminally irresponsible.

On a hot day, someone may make his or her own rain with a hose pipe, though in Britain a heatwave is often accompanied by drought warnings and a hosepipe usage ban. The hose can be a flexible wetlook instrument, in that the nozzle can be aimed at any given part of the body, or even at a third party.A wetlook fan with a hose may well go for soaking themselves from the head down quickly, but for many, it gives the advantage of being able to soak themselves slowly, starting with the feet and working their way up. They may choose a more erratic and near random approach; i.e. soaking the waist, and then a knee, and then the face, etc.The hose can pour water over clothes, or it can be placed under clothing, such as up shirts, down the back of pants, etc. Itís flexibility and ability to soak by degrees rather than all at once is much appreciated.

Hosepipe fights between two or more people can be great fun too; the hose can be switched on or off at the will of its controller, and there is unpredictability as to which part of the anatomy or clothing of the victim might be hit next. For obvious reasons, such activity is best indulged outdoors.

Water can be poured or thrown from just about any container, from cups, to buckets. The amount of water to be poured over self or a third party is entirely down to preference at a given time. Squeezy bottles make good water pistols too.

Water pistols themselves are popular, and no longer just with children. Here is a devise that was invented for making people wet, and often in their clothes. Nowadays the small hand-gun water pistol that runs out of ammunition after a few squirts has been replaced with large water cannon devises that throw lots of water and keep going for some time between reloads.

Water-fight parties where guests soak each other by using hoses, buckets and water guns are common among wetlook fans that have some contact with one another.

Another favorite is the water balloon, which can t be thrown or dropped on someone, usually when they least expect it.Condoms have also been used as water balloons. The trouble with water balloons is that they usually burst and so they can rarely be used more than once each. .

Garden, and public park lawns provide another means by which to get wet, the sprinkler system.These can catch people unawares, which is fun to witness when it happens, but some wetlook activists will cheerfully walk or lie on a lawn around the times when they expect a timed sprinkler to trigger.

Hoses, and buckets are important tools for washing a car with, and while many people will struggle to stay dry as they soap and soak the car, some wetlook fans happily soak themselves down too while doing so. A popular wetlook film subject is the girl in a tee shirt who washes a car while her ample breasts absorb more and more soapy water. She will even lean against the wet windows of the car pressing her squishy cleavage into the panes as she scrubs the roof and bonnet.If more than one girl is involved in the car wash, they may well cheerfully throw buckets of water at each other before they have finished.

Some charities have caught onto the thrill of watching girls washing cars, and invite people to pay a donation to the charity to have girls wash their cars while they watch.

Indoors, in the privacy of the house, a variety of water-sources can be exploited.Alone, or with supportive housemates, there is little to stop someone soaking him or herself. People living with parents, or less understanding partners may need to be more secretive however.

The kitchen or bathroom sink tap is one means of getting water onto you. Washing dishes or clothes in the sink allows you to splash water onto your body. Wet hands can be dried on a towel or simply wiped down oneís clothes.

                                                         THE BATH AND THE SHOWER

The sink has disadvantages in that it is of course small.The bathtub presents a greater opportunity in that it can be filled up with water in which you can lie down and move around to feel the way the water streams around clothes. The advantage of bath water over outdoors natural sources of water s that it can be kept warm and even hot. Cold water will drive the wetlook fan away eventually, but in a warm bathtub, the duration of the stay can be prolonged in a much more relaxed way.

When a couple wish to share a bath, some impracticality can arise. Bathtubs are not quite as good for sexual activity between two people as romantic films suggest, most tubs are designed for one occupant, not two, so the tub can be constrictive. Taps will often dig into one partnerís back or that of the other. Gentlemen will of course always volunteer to let the lady take the faucet-free end.

††††††††††† A great deal of fast cavorting can splash water over the bathroom floor, from where it may even leak through a ceiling. This is not to say that bath time frolics cannot be enjoyed. Far from it.Relaxing and luxuriating with a partner in her clothes in candlelight in the bath is delightful. The restricted space will also press the couple together in some intimacy and improve the chances of affection evolving even more between them.

I have to say that I dislike bubble bath, in that the bubbles obscure the visual delights of having a girl in the water in such a restrictive space. Bubble bath may feel sexy in some circumstances, but it was probably an invention designed to obscure the nudity of a bather from prying eyes, rather than as an aid to voyeurism. I also find that to keep the bubbles deep without having them spill over the sides of the bath, the water level itself may have to be decreased. I for one prefer to have a bath as full of water as possible.

The shower serves as a quick way to wash oneís whole body while bath allows for and encourages a lazier approach. A quick shower in the morning clears away sleepy eyes. The shower enables one to sluice away the sweat accumulated in a hard dayís work before rushing out for an evening of social activity. The idea of the shower is simply to be faster and to use less water than a bath might require.

In wetlook, there is less desire for a Ďquickí shower. The shower is in effect a chance to experience warm indoor rain, and a wetlook enthusiast may shower for an hour or more, especially if accompanied by a willing partner.

A great joy in showering is the use of soap and shampoo, which can be applied over clothes, or even rubbed under them. Rubbing, stroking kneading and feeling a woman through her clothes, or putting your hands inside the soaking cloth to have her one side of the hand, and the cloth on the other is a tactile sensation.

As with other wetlook activity, showering in clothes does not necessarily mean that clothes will not be steadily removed. The slow striptease as sodden layers are discarded is gorgeous to witness, and many showerings, bathings, hosings, etc which begin in full dress, end in naked debauchery.

                                            PADDLING POOLS

††††††††††† Many people get these for the children to play with in the garden on a hot summerís day. The pool is usually an inflatable plastic container with a few inches or at best a foot of water in it, which kids scan splash around in without danger of drowning themselves.

††††††††††† Naturally, with the children safely away, adults can use the paddling pool too. Its shallowness means that a lot of splashing, lying down and rolling about are required to ensure total soakings.A couple, or even an individual, using a paddling pool, may use a bucket or a beaker to have additional means by which to throw water around.

††††††††††† Some public parks have fixed base paddling pools, which adults may exploit as much as children. It is also common for public swimming pools to have a kiddieís paddling pool area for infants and non-swimmers, though going into these paddling pools in clothes may not be permitted.


 †††††††††† For many, this is the best place for wetlook. Public pools rarely allow wetlook, and wonít entertain anyone going in without conventional swimwear. Some hotels are more tolerant, while private pool wetlook swimming is of course a matter for the owner of the pool.Many wetlook fans will save up to invest in their own pools precisely because of their hobby.

††††††††††† A well-kept pool promises heating, and if private, clothed and nude swimming opportunities are without limitation. The option for stepping in, sliding in slowly down the poolside, jumping or diving in to get wet all at once, etc is very strong.

††††††††††† I love the slow emersion effect in water. I can take up to thirty minutes to go from ankle deep to full emersion. I want to savour every step, and feel the water creeping up my body. There is a particular delight the crotch goes under, and as the water rises from the top of the pants to the base of the shirt, etc. seeing a girl slowly move into water is one of the greatest passions.

††††††††††† Jumping and diving has its delights to, and I often do that for a change. There is a great tingling rush as you enter water this way as the air is driven back through the clothes in a rushing wash of bubbles.

††††††††††† Swimming down underwater in clothes feels like going through zero gravity, but after a moment it becomes more difficult as light clothes will tend to want to float up to the surface, which makes it tricky to stay down for too long.

††††††††††† Pools can be hired for private parties. In the summer, mobile pools can even be driven to your own back yard or garden. Wetlook fans that are united often meet for wet clothing pool parties.

Some nightclubs have pools, but sadly, most do not, as drunken revellers and water are obviously not a good combination.

Clubs do run wet events in the way of wet-tee shirt contests, and foam parties are common. I Like foam parties, but like bubble bath, mentioned above, the foam hides more than it reveals of the wet clothes.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† FOUNTAINS

††††††††††† There are many kinds of fountains, most of which simply recycle their own water through filters to keep it pumping round and round through the flumes for as long as the fountain is switched on.

††††††††††† The fountain is usually an inverted shower. The water shoots up instead of spraying down. Of course, what goes up must also come down again, so fountains create flumes of water of various heights and patterns. Sometimes the water pours in a slow gentle trickle, and sometimes the fountain will send its water out with tremendous force. Some fountains combine several flumes in a variety of sizes and water strengths. In a few cases, the pattern with which flumes trigger and deactivate is less than predictable.

††††††††††† Many fountains are set in the midst of a water basin, so there is a pool of water around the fountain facet area.Fountain bathers may wade or swim in the pool alone, or go out to the fountain facets to stand or swim about in the heart of the spray itself.

††††††††††† Some fountains have been welcoming to wetlook fans for generations, though the best loved of all, Trafalgar Square, has recently banned people from swimming in its waters on questionable safety grounds. The Trevi Fountain in Rome is also out of bounds for those who might otherwise enjoy the waters. 

††††††††††† A growing and welcome trend in the inner cities of the western word is the straight jet douche fountain. This kind of fountain is purpose designed for people to play around in, and invariably they are free to use. The fountain usually has no plunge pool. Instead, it has a series of sunken jets set to ground level, which come on and go off at random intervals. There may be forty jets, which come on and go off out of sync, in unpredictable patterns. People negotiating the fountains will run through, trying to stay dry for as long as possible, but it is often a game of Russian Roulette with water, as sooner or later, the jets will come up as someone is directly on top of them. Such fountains are among my favourites.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† CANALS

††††††††††† In a word, donít.Canals are generally polluted and they have lots of shallow areas that make swimming unwise.It is all too easy to drown in cold canal water.

††††††††††† I have in fact swum in canals.A few years ago, a stretch of canal near to where I live in Manchester was redeepened after being shallower out for about thirty years. The authorities finally gave in to pressure to reopen the canal to navigation.On its first day of being open many people swam in it, as the waters were still fresh and clean. I missed out on that, but coming back from a nightclub that evening, I decided to jump in anyway.I was enjoying myself and alone, when a man rushed up in some alarm. I realized that he had assumed that I was attempting to commit suicide and that he wanted to talk me out of it. I swam away, got out of the water and fled. I have not swum in a canal alone since.

†††††††††††                                                                 OPEN WATER 
Streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, the ocean. Here are naturesí swimming pools.There is much less to stop anyone swimming in his or her, clothed or in swimwear (though nude bathing could sometimes be regarded as illegal).

Some stretches of water will obviously be wisely avoided, marinas, areas with fast tides, currents, etc, rivers with steep banks, from which swimmers would not be able to easily get out of the water, and generally these should be avoided anyway for safetyís sake. Other stretches of water are also unsafe for any kind of swimming. Millponds, and rivers with lots of rapids, eddies and whirlpools, etc. Sadly, many people drown every year swimming in places where they really shouldnít swim.

Swimming in rivers is also something that it is less than wise to do alone. If you do get into difficulties, you will really appreciate some company. I have in fact swum alone in rivers and streams on occasion, though I am aware of the dangers.

Brooks, streams and small tributaries for rivers are often shallow and slow moving. They enable paddling or lying down in the water, but full emersion may be more difficult to accomplished. Lying down in a shallow, narrow stream may dam the water, so that you get wet on one side of your body only until the water breaks over you in a rush down the other.

Larger rivers need to be approached with respect and caution. Check the depth and rate of flow. Be sure that banks can be climbed easily. Avoid deep mud below the water surfaces.  Never dive or jump in without checking the water first. Getting impaled on an old mattress someone dumped in the shallows is bad for your health.

Lakes are safer than rivers, and their size often means that you can move of the beaten track to find a more secluded area for swimming in relative privacy. Of course, unlike a pool, lake water will usually be very cold, so you may not be able to swim around for long, and care should be taken against instant hypothermia.This is where a plunge from hot dry land and sky to near freezing water can induce heart-stopping cold jolts, which sometimes prove fatal.

The daddy of all wetlook environments is the Sea. Popular tourist resorts enable people to wade and swim even fully clothed without rousing moral doubts in onlookers as to what is going on.

A great game that many people play at the seaside, in clothes or in swimwear, is wave hopping. This involves trying to move into the sea but staying dry against the odds. You paddle, but run back to shore as a big wave moves in. You may beat it a few times, but sooner or later, the wave soaks your feet or your legs. You then concede to walk out to sea to the depth at which that wave has soaked you and try again. The further out you wade, the harder it becomes to get back to the beach before the next wave rolls in and soaks even more of you.Eventually, you will inevitably be totally drenched, possibly by being knocked from your feet by a particularly large wave. The Sea always wins, but as someone wanting to get wet, who cares?

                                                          FROM WHERE TO WEAR.

So what does the best-dressed swimmer wear in the 21st Century?

Of all clothes to wear in outdoor swimming, shoes are the most essential, as there will be sharp stones, and discarded litter, and especially glass in the waters, which you might stand on. In bare feet, this would be dangerous.On rocky beaches outside of the UK,  in Europe and beyond, as opposed to sandy ones, stinging stonefish lurk, and these can be poisonous to stand on.

Heavy boots are impractical as they will weigh you down and slow you down. Suede shoes are good to wear but the water will ruin the material so that you might never be able to wear them again. Shoes with tight laces are also problematic, in that wet laces can be tricky to untie after you get out of the water.†† Sandals and flip-flops will afford the feet some protection, and still leave a sensation of water on bare flesh.

Trainers, and light plastic slip on shoes are the best to wear in water.There is a great giggle in putting a foot in to water, in the bath or open water, whilst it has a shoe on it. The shoe will often gurgle and bubble as the water fills it up.Lift the foot up, and the water will make the shoe heavier, and the water may spill back out. Walk around in wet shoes on a dry floor surface and the water trapped between foot and shoe material will squelch in a way that cannot help but raise a smile.Long boots take deeper water to fill completely unless they are not waterproofed. The real fun with longer boots is lying back and raising the legs to let the water stream out down the thighs towards the arse.Pouring the boot water over your head or your aqua-partner's head is fun too.

††††††††††††††††††††††† SOCKS

These will often be left on if someone swims in the shoes or boots they happened to have on anyway. Socks feel lovely and squidgy on the feet when wet, and some wetlook fans also like girls in socks, wet or dry.Wetlook mixes well with foot fetishism.

Socks without shoes can also make for great wet-wear, though on tiled bathroom or poolside surfaces they can be slippery to walk around in.

                                       STOCKINGS AND TIGHTS

The sheen of water on a woman's wet garters, stocking and tights is awesome, and one of wet lookís greatest pleasures.†† If too heavily saturated, a stocking will droop a little and could end up hanging off the feet, but in its own way such an imperfection actually has some charm.

††††††††††††††††††††††† KNICKERS 

How much if anything a girl who gets wet is prepared to show off her underwear is matter for her to decide. Dresses and skirts would leave a chance for glimpses of undergarments, while trousers and jeans might not unless the girl removes the outer garments.

Even if invisible beneath her other clothes, seeing a girl wade or swim with water above the knicker-line plays well on the male wetlook imagination.Some girls will play on the naughtiness of having wet their panties, punning on the idea of wet panties due to urination.The thought of a film of water getting to the secret places between panties and female genitalia is highly erotic.

Skirts and dresses may well rise up and billow in the water, allowing panties, or their absence, to be seen if the water is clear enough.Some pools have glass viewing panels below the waterline enabling men to watch a woman swim about from an underwater point of view, so knickers worn under dresses will then become clearly visible. The way a skirt breathes and floats back and forth over the knickers, hiding them in one motion, revealing them in the next is sensational.

††††††††††† Many girls, in more private swims, will slowly strip down to the panties, and possibly beyond, though panties and bras alone resemble the bikini rather than underwear if in water.

††††††††††† THE BRA OR LACK OF ONE

The brassiere worn under a wet top does all sorts of interesting things. A transparent shirt leaves no secrets as to whether a bra is in place or not. If the bra is darker in colour than the tee shirt it may well be highly visible to any spectator.

Water gets trapped in bra cups and can give even modest breasts an enlarged appearance.

Some girls may remove the bra†† but leave a tee shirt on, which in effect creates a near nude effect. Some girls realize that they have done this, shriek and flee. Most who go braless are fully aware and happy to show off such effects though.

                                               SKIRTS AND DRESSES

Short skirts allow a girl to get deeper into water before her bare legs can go no further without her having to get her outfit wet.A long dress, unless she holds it up, will get its hem immersed almost immediately.With the short skirt†† a girl paddling is in effect giving tease to all watching men (and women) as to whether she will go much further, The long dressed bather leaves little doubt as to her intentions.

The short dress, or mini-skirt is much lighter for a swimmer, while a large dress will get heavy and waterlogged more quickly. The longer dress will billow like a parachute as it fills with air. Some girls, and their observers take great merriment from this.


Of course, in talking of how a heavy garment impedes swimming, few wetlook swimmers are interested in speed swimming at all; they want to have fun rather than exercise. That said, an athletic swimmer may find clothed swimming†† and trying to gain speed in clothes might help their speed and stamina for when they swim in normal athletic wear in their next competition.

                                                              SHIRTS AND BLOUSES

The wet tee shirt is well known and loved. The thin Material makes it practical to wear in summer, and one can be worn easily for swimming over or instead of a swimsuit. The lack of sleeves makes swimming easy to manage. Lighter coloured shirts of any kind will go transparent. †††††† Longer sleeves cover the arms, giving additional competition between flesh and cloth.

††††††††††† Blouses and shirts also come with or without buttons. Those without can be tricky to take off once wet, and many bathers dislike the feel of the damp material being drawn over their faces. The button-blouse is more practical and has a great deal more sexual potential, as not all of the buttons need to be opened at once.

††††††††††† ††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† SWEATERS, JUMPERS AND PULLOVERS

Normally these would only be worn on cooler days when outdoor swimming might be less desirable. If used the woolen jumper is best worn without undershirt or bra. The material will cling like a second skin, amplifying the breasts and abdomen remarkably.Such garments can get heavy in prolonged swimming. The best place for their use is in the shower.

                                                                     COATS AND JACKETS

Heavier over garments can be soaked with some sensual effect, but mostly, they hide and distort rather than enhancing the body. A coat might best be used with a teasing promise of its removal, as the bather or swimmer slowly undoes the buttons, or zipper and reveals what if anything I worn below to her enthusiastic audience. Swimming in heavy clothes gets tiring very quickly and dangerous as the heavy clothes get more waterlogged.

††††††††††††††††††††††† HATS

Headwear can be used as wet-wear too. A soft hat, such a baseball cap, will allow shower water to spray around itself wildly, and it will slowly fold down to the scalp too. Hats may also be taken off, filled with water, which can then be poured over the self or a third party.


Swimming in hats is less practical that bathing or showering in one, as submerging the head may well make a hat fall off the head. Trying to recover the hat before it floats away or sinks may detract from all of the other wetlook frolicking to be done.

††††††††††† LINGERIE

Negligees, teddies, and housecoats can be worn in the water as easily as other swimming clothes, though lingerie might be frowned on at public bathing areas.The negligee is often transparent even before it gets wet, and it proves to be one of the lightest, floatiest items of all, especially one made of nylon.As a woman rises from the water in a negligee, it plasters itself so closely to her that it looks as if she has been simply spray-painted in its colour. Truly magnificent.


These can seem too like swimwear bottoms than pants, and unless worn in accompaniment to tee shirts or other upper body garments, I rarely see their appeal.




Womenís trousers look terrific wet, though given a choice I prefer the promise of billowing and flash of leg and knicker line that comes with skirts and dresses.

It is odd to see how women approach water while wearing trousers. They often approach the sea or lake water by rolling up the trouser legs as if they are just going to paddle, and then dive right in any way.

By far the most popular wetlook item is denim jeans. The figure hugging curve of womenís jeans is quite sexy even dry, but jeans have a special history of association with wetlook and wet-feel. They were sold in shrink to wear marketing rives.

Denim shrinks, often badly. Today, denim is shrunk to size before being sold. It was not always so.Buying jeans used to mean getting a larger size than required and then getting it to shrink in the wash with an estimation of whether they would then fit or not.


In the 1960ís, jeans manufacturers hit on a novel and blissful initiative. They created jeans that could be worn wet so that they shrank around the bottom and thighs, and legs and became a perfect tight fit. This meant that the person who wanted the jeans had to soak them, usually in the bath, and then stay in the jeans until they had dried. The association between jeans and water has endured ever since.  Denim however goes very cold and clammy if worn wet for too long. 

                            FORMAL EVENING WEAR

Most of the clothes described so far would be items of casual, even disposable wear. They are the kind of clothes we wear all the time. Most people who go into a pool or a fountain in their clothes do not plan for the event. They see the water and just decide to go in anyway, even if it means walking or driving home soaked afterwards.Enthusiasts may well be more prepared of course.

Swimmers who go into water in business suits or dinner suits are rare. Few want to ruin an expensive outfit, especially if there is an important event coming up soon that might mean they have to buy another one.

Wet business suits are however increasingly common, especially in wetlook videos and modeling events.A wet jacket will float up around the waist and back. How high the buttons are fastened will give various degrees of tantalizing glimpse of the cleavage under the blouse within.

A posh evening party by a private pool may lend itself to wetlook. Alcohol may liberate some dancers and socialites so that they jump into the water. Some men will feel inclined to push their wives and girlfriends in too. Often, once one person has gone into to the water in such a situation, many more will follow. Few will want to feel left out.


The most extreme formal wet-wear for a woman is a wedding dress.To many women, it is an outfit to wear once and once alone. Some women hire them, and they may well be reluctant to soak the outfit for fear of losing a hire-shop deposit. A few women however take great delight in soaking the best clothes they will ever wear in their lives. Some women who are into wetlook may even buy a wedding dress just for soaking in it, without the slightest desire to wed.

The heavy nature of a wedding dress means that swimming in one would be tiring quite quickly, but the long train and veils floating around one can look quite lovely. A bride going into the water will often encourage the bridesmaids to join her too.

                                           FANCY DRESS SWIMMING

Many get-wet fans will go to fancy dress events. Such outfits are also common as stated below at raft race events. Hired costumes are generally better off leaving dry, or the owners may impose fines as they are returned.


For wetlook, aquatic themed costumes often appeal. Victorian style swimwear dresses are common. Another variation is for a woman to dress as a literary character who once got wet, such as Alice in Alice In Wonderland who swam in her own tears.Schoolgirl outfits are another wetlook favourite; evoking a sense of naughty raunchy teenage rebellion. 

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† WETSUIT WETLOOK.


A woman in a skin-tight diving suit, or frogmanís SCUBA gear can look hellishly sexy, but this is not generally regarded as wetlook wear as the suit is designed to protect the wearer against the cold water, and salt water effects of the sea. Wetlook is about sensing how the water feels as it soaks through clothes. Wetsuits hinder that too much.

Ironically, a wetsuit is so called because a diver has to get a film of water inside the suit to lubricate it enough to put it on properly. A drysuit can be put on bone dry and generally proves to be more totally waterproof too.


In some wetlook film making, women wear oversized clothes, and big baggy sweaters Ė this conceals a warm wetsuit worn under an outfit. The wetsuit is seen as a necessity if the filming will keep the cast in cold water for very long to protect them from hypothermia. You can tell if an actress is wearing a concealed wetsuit if a/. She looks bigger/fatter than when on dry land b/. She seems unusually buoyant and raised up in the water as she floats around.


Surfers and wind-surfers are often obliged to wear buoyant wetsuits in competitions for safety reasons, but will often wear colourful, numbered tee shirts too, so that judges and spectators can distinguish them from the other surfers in the water. Transparent shirts show off the rubber-PVC material underneath and it can look quite sexy.


Some people are turned on by the thought of making love in wetsuits even in nice dry bedrooms.


Some divers only use wetsuits for deep and cold dives. Lottie Hass was often seen snorkelling in her blouses and tee shirts.





The height of wetlook experience is to combine it with nudity. For a man to really appreciate the look and fell of a girl in wet clothes, he should wear few if any. That way, she will press her wet dress against him rather than against his garments.

Some garments, such as dresses, or low cut tops, and off the shoulder dresses will allow a man to feel his way around a womanís body as well as the clothes around them, in effect getting a mix of very varied sensations. Naturally the woman should make the man reverse roles in this too, so that she gets to be in the nude while he is still dressed.Such scenarios may come to pass spontaneously quite often. One partner may be in the bath or shower and invite the other to join in, and the partner may be sufficiently eager to go for it that they donít bother stripping off first. Works for me.

It might be asked why wet clothing should be as much a fetish as naked wet-play. Skinny-dipping is a delightful pastime in itself, and of course, a dressed swimmer can slowly peel things off until totally nude.

An advantage of wet clothing is that you can swim in the public gaze clothed while nude swimming will have more limited opportunities for anyone not prepared to flaunt the laws of the land.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† WET SPORT, GAMES AND PASTIMES.

There are many games wetlook enthusiasts can play. Such games can be called Water-sports, but golden showers enthusiasts have sadly hijacked that label.A wet game is essentially a game in which water is involved, with players and participants either in the water, or getting wet by forfeit if they lose points to other players.

Tug ĖOf- War can be played with sides on opposite sides of a small pool, so that he losing side fall in.

Many people set up its A Knockout tournaments. These take their name from a long running Television competition that uses the same format as the tournaments now use. The tournament consists of silly games in which people have to do things like running up a field to a finishing line while wearing flippers or clown shoes. Not all of the games involve water, but many do. Competitors may have to run an obstacle course while carrying buckets of water, which will of course splash all over them as they go. They compete to see how much water has remained in the buckets by the end of the event. A variation on this is to put small holes in the buckets so that the water will spill out (over the competitors, naturally).

A common holiday camp sport is to have two combatants stand on a narrow pole trying to push one another into the water below. A variation on this is for the competitors to try to knock each other off the pole with pillows, cushions or other soft missiles,

Another holiday camp game is to have people trying to row across the pool in boats, which have holes in the bottom, so that the competitors are very likely to sink or capsize on route. Wet clothing can always be used for such activity. Itís a great tease to the audience to wonder whether someone will get their outfit wet or not.

Another game involving small boats is that of cramming as many people on board a boat as possible before it sinks and plunges them all into the water. This is best played with two teams, filling two separate boats. Of course, the boat should be easy to swim clear of and recover from the bottom of the pool afterwards.This game was used in a quiz show hosted by Bob Monkhouse, called Bob's Your Uncle.The contestants getting into the boats included newlywed brides in their wedding dresses. Sadly, the show used to fade to commercial just as the boats sank which rather ruined the whole point of filming the game.

One genuine and respected sport lends itself very well to wetlook. An impromptu game of water polo at a holiday camp, or during a private party creates problem. Professional water-polo clubs have different coloured bathing caps and colour-co-ordinated swimwear to distinguish teams from one another. In a less formal game, players will come from both sexes and have on a whole variety of different types of swimwear.It soon becomes difficult to remember who is in one team and who is on the opposition team. The solution is simply for one teamís players to stay clothed, at least in tee shirts. Women playing water polo in tee shirts bob up and down in the water wonderfully.

A game I conceived in a poem I wrote has contestants going into water in ordinary swimwear, or naked, but having to get dressed in wet clothes that have been thrown into the pool with them. It is very tricky to get into knickers and pants in water, so the race to get dressed in underwear, skirt, and blouse, and socks and shoes in that order is great fun to watch or try..

Forfeit games can also give plenty of opportunity for wetlook. Make a bet, or a dare with someone. If they donít do it they have to take a clothed shower, or jump into a river, lake, pool, etc. If they complete the challenge, you have to take the forfeit yourself instead.A variation on this is the pool quiz.For each question answered incorrectly, competitors have to step deeper into a pool (ideally one that slopes gradually from shallow to deep). The losing competitor may be told to step into the water ankle deep, and when another answer is wrong, to go down to their knees, and so on, until they are obliged to swim. The final wrong answer obliges them to go completely underwater.

                                                       AIRBEDS AND WETLOOK

Another game involves simply mastering the use of airbeds. These are popular at many outdoor pools (indoor pools tend to frown on their use). It is of course ill advised to use them in the sea, as they can easily be swept out too far from shore. You do not wish to add a ride in a coastguard helicopter to your wetlook experience.In a pool, the airbed is notoriously difficult to get onto and still stay dry. It may be a game, or even a non-competitive attempt to get onto an airbed dry in clothes that has wetlook appeal. Will the girl get on safely or will she roll off and get wet?Will her feet or arms go into the water or will she manage to stay completely contained on the airbed?

††††††††††† Few girls (or guys) will go onto air mattresses in pools without expecting to get wet. I donít think I have ever seen anyone get on one, stay dry, and get back off with the clothes no more wet than when they arrived. Most will eventually decide to plunge from bed to water anyway.It is also a delight to see a girl who is already wet in her clothes as she lies back to soak up the Sun on an airbed. Her body is laid out fully over the surface, as the water drips from her to the mattress and back to its original source. Her breasts will be very pronounced as the weight of water in her top pushes the tee shirt or blouse down upon her. It is highly sensuous. Airbeds have a huge amount of potential for wetlook fanatics.


These are popular at fairgrounds and at village fetes and festivals.The ducking stool was originally a medieval punishment devise. People, mostly women, accused of malicious gossip, slander, or drunken debauchery, would be taken to the village pond, and dunked into it in a chair attached to a pole.

The devise was not usually used for witch swimming, which usually involved simply tying a suspected with up and throwing her into water to see if she was able to swim, float or drown. If she survived, she was burnt as a witch. Ducking Stools were used for less serious offences, such as spreading malicious gossip.Today, they are used for fun, or for medieval re-enactment purposes.

A more commonly used variation on this is the fairground dunk tank. This involves placing a volunteer (usually an attractive girl) onto a chair or platform above a pool of water.Competitors, usually male, use balls to try to hit a trigger lever which if engaged, knocks the chair through a trap, plunging the volunteer into the pool below.

††††††††††† Initially, with the rise of fairgrounds, the dunk tank was seen as a fertility devise. The man who succeeded in soaking the girl was said to be the man who truly loved her. The tanks are growing in popularity again today, and from the way men queue to soak the girls, the original purpose is possibly not entirely forgotten either. 

                                                                ALL THE FUN OF THE FAIR

Fairgrounds offer many wetlook opportunities.Many roller coasters have water-features, which take the passengers through waterfalls for a soaking or plunge them through plunge pools and down rapids.Few people who get wet on such rides take their clothes off in favour of swimsuits. With some such rides raincoats are offered, but in most cases they are not.

                         RAFT RACES

††††††††††† Boating regattas are usually serious completive events. The Oxford-Cambridge rowing race is world famous, as is the Henley Regatta. Some such events do allow for fun fringe events as well as the serious rowing. Many rivers host raft-races, which involves people building home made makeshift rafts, usually with beer barrels and planks. Many such vessels in the race fall apart, and the competitors, not being professional sailors, invariably fall into the water. In most such events fancy dress is encouraged.†† Many competitors will cheat shamelessly and sink one anotherís boats, and it is not unknown for spectators to join in and get wet too.Itís all good clean fun.††

For most people involved, wet clothing fun isnít remotely sexual. For others, there is an additional layer of sensual pleasure to add into the mixture too.††


 †††††††††† Since the dawn of humanity people have exploited thermal volcanic springs for their hot bubbling water. When the temperature is not boiling or too hot to splash around in, people have swum and bathed in such pools, sometimes in their clothes.

††††††††††† In more modern times, artificial bubble-jet pools and whirlpool baths have become popular. They seem to have arisen primarily in health clubs for the massage and therapeutic effects of having water bubble around the skin, pummeling, tickling and vibrating to open the pores as wide as possible. I soon became clear that the effect was not only invigorating, but also highly erotic; Bubbling water acts very much as a vibrator does on genitalia, and around other erogenous zones.

††††††††††† Many hotels have a variety of whirlpool baths. Some are modest sized bathroom ones designed for a single occupant, but into which a couple can usually squeeze in. Some are purpose built for two. Others are communal, and they can be as large as a swimming pool.

††††††††††† Strictly speaking, the Jacuzzi is a brand name product, though like vacuum cleaners are called Hoovers even when not manufactured by Hoover, the name Jacuzzi has become synonymous with the whirlpool spa bath in itself.

††††††††††† Publicly accessible whirlpool baths will often be for swimsuit use only, but some can be used in clothes. The effect of water bubbling into and through clothes is startling. Dresses will rise up, float, tickle and massage the flesh in their own right. The bather may find some clothes, especially shirts and oversized tee shirts rising up to put more of the anatomy below on display than modesty desired. Less modest bathers wonít care less about this effect.

††††††††††† Some bath makers have produced small whirlpool making machines that can be added to ordinary bathtubs, and these are well worth taking a look at. Many people in warmer climates have their own whirlpool communal tubs in their gardens.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† GETTING WET WITHOUT WATER


††††††††††† Some wetlook fans have experimented with other liquids. Cleopatra is famously supposed to have bathed in asses milk, though it is unknown if this was a one off experiment, and it is more probable that she was in the nude at the time.

††††††††††† The trouble with substances other than water, i.e., Milk, is that they will discolor and stain clothes, which will then need a thorough cleaning. Dry clothes smelling of sour milk are unlikely to attract many admirers.

††††††††††† Hot drinks present special problems, i.e., the risk of scalding, burning etc. Soft drinks will often be full of sugar, and that sets hard and goes very sticky on the clothes, and especially in hair.

††††††††††† The more you move from water to heavier liquids, the closer you are going to messy, as opposed to wet. Thereís nothing wrong with that, though the clean up afterwards can be tricky, and you will need to add water to clean yourself and your clothes down, which brings us back to wetlook.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† WHATíS STOPS PEOPLE?


††††††††††† Some people wonít get wet in their clothes. They think it is silly, juvenile, rude, and they donít want to ruin their outfits. Some will even try to stop other from indulging in wetlook.


††††††††††† Yes, it is silly to like getting wet. I admit it. So what? That is why you should do it. Being stoic and stiff-jawed throughout life is terribly dull. You can still be a decent, unselfish human being when you let your inhibitions drop once in a while. Getting wet, or having sex with consenting adults is good for the soul. Be child-like and even childish once in a while.It wonít do you any harm. Being a stick in the mud will.

††††††††††† Fear of ruining clothes is possibly a more realistic concern, but it really doesnít apply in wetlook. Messy eroticism, i.e., a desire to cover clothes in oil, mashed potato, beans, and mud, will obviously make cleaning so difficult that disposal of the garments will often be for the best.Water doesnít ruin them however. You wash them anyway, donít you?


††††††††††† Many people are deterred from getting clothes wet because they think the colours will run, or the fabrics will shrink. At one time that would have happened, but most materials are much more resilient and colour fast now. Generally, if it doesnít have running colours or shrinkage in the washing machine, it wonít ruin when you wear it to swim around either. Some materials, admittedly, do ruin if soaked heavily, suede and leather should be considered for wetlook only on special occasions or by the relatively wealthy. Itís a shame really that they feel great to wear in a pool. Experiment. Have fun, and take the plunge. Getting wet gets you clean, so you can behave dirty and get clean at the same time. Come on in. The waterís lovely.

© Copyright. Arthur Chappell