A number of readers have kindly sent me feedback on pages from my website and various works in print. Here is what people have taken the trouble to say about me. I have provided links here to the specific pages discussed so you can read the pages directly to see if you agree with the comments given or not. Much of the feedback has come via e-mails. I have in most cases not added the names of the people sending these items of feedback. If you wish to send comments, send them to me at 

The comments are given first for POETRY. I may develop similar pages for feedback on stories and articles soon.


£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$£$ 1/. Arthur you need to start a garage band and wear flannel. Thanks. 2/. Dear Arthur PLEASE stay as dangerous as you can be. I enjoyed the sentiments in this one. Gerri Halliwell. )NB, this is not Geri Spice Girls Halliwell) the name will be understood to those who read the poem itself, AC)

APPLICATION FORM - Hi, Excellent, and really funny. Are your employers demonic? I think it needs a more catchy title to complete the effect though!



A little cracker - with nice twisting of some sacred cows
It made me laugh, especially:
"Bendy Buddha Toy Emporium"
"Chairman Of The Oujia Board"
"Tibetan Book Of The Deal"

BARD FOR LIFE (The CD collection) (See the cover art at ) 1/. Pretty cool to me 2/. Hey Arthur you do not look like the shy kind of guy. 2/. I'm very impressed with the CD, and I'm not just saying that. But the
recording does make you sound a bit like Ken Dodd (^-^)! I think the poems work very well when spoken. Cheers, 3/. Its brilliant Arthur. I loved it. 4/. What a fine cover - great art. Very witty and amusing I will look forward to getting a copy soon. 5/. (BY SMAIL MAIL from a fan in Plymouth) "Dear Mr. Chappell, Having now listened to 'Bard For Life', I feel I must write to tell you how much I enjoyed your poetry. So much poetry these days seems to be so serious- & much, I confess, too obscure for me to appreciate, so it was delightful to find poems that are relevant, understandable, and with a great sense of humour. Well done. I'll probably wear the CD out. With Best wishes….. 6/. (on SMS's Cover Art) Very good Arthur Made me chuckle .I'm sure most of us could do with a boot up the arse from old Willy 7/. (on the cover art) congratulations, Arthur, it's beautiful alright. Is that you getting kicked out by old Shakes? 8/. Holy Crap Arthur...that's an excellent piece of work! Very well done.
When will your CD be made available? Cheerwell, No offense by the crap's just something I say...complimentary in intent lol 9/.

BEEN HERE TEN YEARS NOW - Arthur, fun read. Any way to get your employee no in the bit?

BEN BRIERLEY - 1/. I can see why this piece was successful for you. it has humour and personality. It also probably has a lot of local interest all of which helps. It is also fundamentally interesting with a witty ending. Congratulations on your successes with this piece. 2/. I more than like this one. I can see why it's a winner, it's the charm and grace !

Save ya money lad for a new pen. I truly like this one so I've printed a copy. How much do I owe ya?

CLOSETS - Dear Arthur The first stanza makes a very good stand alone poem if you take the last two lines off and I would look at the line "thought of men's bodies next to
mine" change it to the singular to personas it more "thought of a man's
body next to mine" The second stanza does not work for me. But the
remaining stanzas are effective and could be looked at as another stand
alone poem.

COMPENSATION CLAIM - 1/. Loved it. Thanks for the giggle.2/. Another goody.

COVER VERSION - 1/. Hi Arthur, Starngely, (sic) I think this works ok - strangely because I'm not a great fan of such things, and my saying it works may not necessarily mean a lot that's positive .I can't crit it, but it is more accessible than most rep type stuff I've encountered. Cheers, 2/. This is sound Arthur, >Funny and real, a true pisstake - loved every word.
>Can I have a copy for the kids! >Serious.


DAY TRIP - Brings back childhood memories that's for sure. It was either Blackpool or
Southport. And yes me and the wife still look for the tower and I usually
mistake it for pylons !

DOWN AMONG THE YES MEN - If you don't mind I will send this to all my former employers, the bastards. Good stuff Arthur, very in-touch with the subject


DOWN THE PUB FOR CHILDREN IN NEED-1/. Is it really true? If so - Well done that mushy pea swimmer. A funny story with only slightly contrived rhymes. I'll forgive you this
time seeing it was for a good cause. 2/. If you do find another sporting pub and can get a similar deal from your bosses, I'd be happy to have a wrestling match in custard. Preferably with a
very fat woman. This is not as pervy as it sounds!! 3/. Yes. it works for me. Funny and clever, it would perform well this piece. Cheers. 4/. Gross.

DRESS CODE - Knights in blue denim. It's a good read.

EARLY NIGHT - Keep away from the echo it echoes!!
I hear this as performance, I enjoyed it. Sorry I can't offer any more that.

FETISH FREAKS - Arthur I never expected this from you ! It is fun to imagine life in a
different lane. I guess that is why some of us write.


GOING UP GETTIN' DOWN - 1/. wonderful Arthur 2/. I can picture this or hear this being rapped. Very good, a great rhythm and some banging rhymes (love them). But glad I am so out of fashion and over-sized that I have to buy most of my clothes mail-order if this is what I would have to go through.

Old, fat, and out-of-it in the sticks,

HIP HOP CHIP SHOP love it, hip hop from the chip shop! It's a great style you used lots of "street jag" (it means street talk) I enjoyed it all man. And well done re- pubs and comps etc.

Keep freeing the word cool dude.

JABBER WHAT? . Your piece JABBER WHAT? has been cherry-picked by our
editors! Click here to see your own lovely cherries! I'm cherrying this poem for abc - principally because the idea behind it was so sound - running Jabberwock through a spellcheck.
In a book called Godel, Escher, Bach, Douglas Hofstadter writes an essay on the French and German translations of Alice in Wonderland and
how they deal with Jabberwocky. They retranslate even the nonsense
words - for example...

Es brillig war. Die slichten toven
Wirrten und wimmelten in Waben
Und aller-mumsige Burggoven
Did momen-rath ausgraben


Il brilgue, les toves lubricilleux
se gyrent en vrillant dans le guave
Enmimes sont les gougosquex
Et le momerade horsgrave

What I like here is the way that Germans translate slithy as slichten ,
which seems to agitate similar words (slimy and slithery) as the
English, whereas the French lubricilleux conveys a different image,
though on slightly similar lines. I think the French toves are wetter,
more like eels with legs.

Cherry-picks show readers of our site which stories and poems our
editors enjoyed. Feel free to email your friends and let them know!

L. S. D. 1/. Arthur well - what can I say?
I think the best thing would be to eat 20 -30 psilosybin mushrooms. Nice and
gentle, organic and free (if you know where to find them). Go out to some
nice beautiful countryside and take some orange juice with you. Let what
happens happen naturally - it's not as weird or strange as people make out.
If by any chance your fear makes you feel a bit edgy - drink the orange
juice. The vitamin C will cancel out the effects of the "drug" and bring you
back to normal very quickly.
There is nothing to fear but fear itself - said some smart arse once. But
they were right.
Another smart person said - LSD is a window through the soul, and they were
right too.
If you're frightened by who you are - don't take it.

2/. I enjoyed this Arthur, I listened to every word and took it all in.
An old mate told me fear is a four letter word!
Nice piece to read and ponder.

PLAYING THE GAME - e child in me loved it almost as much as the adult.
A brilliant piece, I think all will see the story and recognise the feelings.


POOR SOUL - Arthur
"Like these Prawn Cocktail crisps. They're delicious." - cracking line.
I feel sorry for the old chap actually - a most maligned and misunderstood
angel.(terrible breath though!!)


SAD - Dam n it Arthur, you made me use less but get more.LOL 2/. Heavy stuff Arthur,
Convincing, I enjoyed the touch of rem. Thanks.

SHIPWRECKED SWALLOWS & AMAZONS - 1/. My attention span is growing and I read every bit and smiled! A funny ditty carrying a warning about greed. 2/. Arfa This reminded me of those monologues that Stanley Holloway (was it he - I can't remember) used to read on the radio way back when. Echos of Hilaire Belloc maybe? It made me chuckle, but it could do with tidying up.

SLEEPING AROUND - 1/. hi arthur,
thnaks MUCH for this poem. i was challenged to engage but did connect with
the intro to the 2nd character and was there to the end...and glad i stayed.
grins. i studied this work after i read; there's a balance struck by the
form and the use of rhyme that makes the subject exceptionally accessible,
IMHO, and I admire this...craft? talent? It's Lovely; really lovely. 2/.

Arthur, that's lovely. It's interesting, moving, and poetically speaking -
flowing effortlessly. The forced rhyming syndrom isn't present here. Good

SO CIVILLISED & SPORTING OF YOU SIR - The rhyme works very well here for me.
I've no idea if the story is true (NB - It is, AC) but it sounds convincing. It works for me, a very interesting read. Much enjoyed.

SOP - 1/. Bahh! (Arthur adds, the poem divides people into Sheep & Goats, so this comment is more appreciative than it may appear.) 2/. Hi Arthur, A neat sideways view of the non normal, oh you big brother you, shall I call you George, I like it. Best


arthur, arthur, arthur...
i been crying
ain't cracked a grin like this since
can't remember
when watching snow fall ten miles
from a tourist town
North Pole, Alaska
warmed by my laughter.

STARS - 1/. Arthur I loved the idea that scepticism about astrology is typical of Aquarius. A fine poem with a nicely explored idea. Just to warn you though, I had to ask who the people who you named are, perhaps these things date a piece or make it less likely to travel. 2/. it's a hoot, arthur! LOVE the opening lines. (no way to tell if i've translated them as u intend, but i read a satirical, astrological version of, 'the devil made me do it!' into that opening...which carries thru. <S> course, i don't know about accusing the stars of being 'perverted or intending 'grand deception': who's 'reading' the star systems? ( I have an acquaintance who is a professional astroligist; she's certain all my troubles are cause i live smack on my Pluto line (don't ask <G>). But some days i think it might be worth a geographical experiment just to see what would change! thnaks for the hoot

TABLE DROID 5 - 1/. Hi Arthur, I really enjoyed this, how true. 2/. Arthur, you never cease to amaze me. The way you take your poetic ingridients from SF movies, old TV series (the six million dollar man...) >and make it into something entirely new, innovative and thought provoking.
>Your poems remind me of American Pop Art artists, like Robert Rauchenberg or
>Andy Warhall. If you know their works you can see the similarity. They took >objects from their immediate, everyday surrounding, all sorts of junk, and put it together in a way that made it into a work of art and also said >something meaningful about their culture. Keep up the good work

THE DEATH OF THE BLUES 1/. good-fun read, Arthur. The rhythm sounds out so clear I only hesitated in one line [see * below. Maybe "Does misery" instead of "Did my misery?] My favourite lines:

If you really want to give yourself the blues
Just switch on the radio and listen to the news


2/. A little long for my taste, but worth the effort! :)

THE HORSEMAN'S HIPPOCRATIC OATH Interesting and I thought funny adaptation. I would use "art" instead of "he(art)" which is a bit like hitting the reader over the head with the

THE LOVE SONG OF J. ALFRED CTHULHU Now now Arthur - this is far from silly as you well know. This is actually an interesting piece which explores words and how different words can have
many different meanings. I loved "love-craft" and the madness aspect. Very
tongue in cheek but saying something interesting about communication and
people outside and other. Very poe faced style...

THE POET WRITES -1/. It's a winner. Enjoyed this lots, excellent last line. 2/. Arthur,
I thought this was a hoot and has a clever resolution.

THREE MINUTE WARNING 1/. Arthur all I can say is It's Mad I Love it. Great pace very news- reader-ish. 2/. >hi arthur, >this was a very* fun read. What's snooker? Are you sure you want/need the
>word 'more' on the end of this line?: "We took out his brain and still he >writes more." Otherwise it quite pleased me. >thnaks 3/. Gooooooooooooood one Arthur >I pissed in my pants (have to go change now) >bye

UNBAPTISM - 1/. Damn, Arthur, you make these so much fun. I suspect by writing and posting
you have achieved your aim. Thanks. 2/. Hello Arthur--a lot of humour here but really--if you are such an agnostic, what would a ritual that is ancient to your history matter? Just declare yourself unbaptised
and drink the wine yourself------!


UP YOURS GOD -1/. Hi Arthur, First impression from a quick read is that this is extremely powerful stuff that will have many a left handed graduate from that education system
cringing and becoming angry all over again. Some things can never be put to
bed and I reckon this is one of them. Thanks for it, painful though it may be. Cheers, 2/.

Penguin Superior...I met her a couple of times. I enjoyed this a lot, the story is all there but I suggest you think about the layout and the line breaks.It's a memory-waker this one.

Arthur I loved it, it sent me spinning. It truly rounded off the day .I enjoy the odd weird one.

VIRTUAL CRUELTY TO ANIMALS - Brilliant, I laughed from start to finish.
An excellent giggle.

WATERCOLOURS hi, Arthur, I'm late, as usual, but what the hey! I wanted to let u know that reading
watercolors was fun...after I got a bigger picture, which was with the

If you like, when we've finished drinking our tea
I'll take you back home to see my gallery

So, of course, I wish u'd get the little cafeteria at least hinted at earlier? could just be me, thought.
thanks for it


YE OLDE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE/ - 1/. Very entertaining Arthur---- Write on smiling 2/. Brings back memories of Cornwall this summer. Enjoyed 3/.


Somehow I missed this one! (thanks Tammy)

I loved it. Reminded me of Monty pythons holy grail - the same irreverence.

Comedy is the hardest thing to write ( I know - I'm not funny! ) and comic poetry is even harder. This one is funny

Thanks Arthur for the chuckle.

YOU HAVE TO QUAGMIRE SOME PEOPLE - Too funny Arthur, I enjoyed this very much. Cheers,

XMAS RAPPING - it's a goodie! Thanks for the read

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