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                                                            . GENERAL INTEREST AND USEFUL LINKS 

Google search engine http://www.sealedknot.org/members/index.asp  

Birmingham UK Com http://www.birminghamuk.com/ Good website to link to if you have anon-profit making website   as they will happily  run your link in return for a link for them on your website. 

ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page Wikepedia is an online encyclopedia†† which readers can add to, edit, and discuss. This one  covers every subject you can think of. A must. 


http://www.speedcamerasuk.com/database/NWGM/nwgm011.htm Speed camera database - useful for keeping tabs on their locations -I donít drive so††† I canít be sure that it is up to date or totally accurate

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/ss.uganda/ath/ugandabook.htm Website on The SS Uganda,a ship used for educational cruises in the 1970ís on which I sailed with my school, and first had a romantic affair. The ship was later used as a hospital during the Falklands war before being scrapped.

Good film-DVD ordering page - MOVIE-MAIL  http://www.moviemail-online.co.uk/scripts/frontpage.pl

www.askjeeves.com extremely clever search engine that sarches other search
engines and answers questions you ask in plain English.

http://www.thehungersite.com/images/HungerMap1.gif Extremely valuable site where you can make a charitable donation to feed the hungry without actually spending any money at all - the site operates by corporate subscription - you just visit the site, click on the map and the corporation sponsors make a donation - you can only visit once per day, but it is one of the best charity promotions online - an absolute must.

www.findadeath.com regularly updated stories on celebrity deaths -
including Ed Wood and bizarely Herve Vallanchez (Nick Nack from The Bond
Movie TheMan WithThe Golden Gun)

http://www.bit.net.au/~larme/archive/phantas/phreport.html Why a major computer game was banned and why it should be unbanned.
>www.findagrave.com companion site to above listing locating tthe final
resting places of many celebs, royals and tyrants around the world, giving
epithaphs, links etc - very well researched

www.dark-skies.freeserve.co.uk/ Astronomy campaign to reduce excessive street lighting to give astronomers a clearer view of the night sky - stunning images of what we could see if the glare of neon and air pollution didn't obstruct us - wonderful stuff great pictures

http://vil.nai.com/villib/alpha.asp Useful site that checks up whether those virus warnings you get e-mailed regularly are serious are not - most are listed on this site (called dr. Solomon's Virus Central, as hoaxes. Good site for putting minds at rest.

YELL yellow pages online http://www.yell.com/ucs/HomePageAction.do

GOOD BEARS - www.goodbearsoftheworld.org Nice site that promotes the collection of teddy bears to be given to law enforcementr officers to give to children who they need to interview in cases involving child beating, rescue from disasters, victims of bereavement or traumatic accidents, lost children, molestations, and other sensitive issues. A very worthy cause indeed.

Arthur Chappell

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