Read the whole list here or find the sub-category that appeals to you.  Later added links have only been added to the sub-categories.



If you want a reciprocal link, do let me know via e-mail at     


THE BRITISH HUMANIST ASSOCIATION - The leading Humanism organisation in Britain today, and The Greater Manchester Humanist Group are associate members.

THE FREETHINKER - The grandfather of all radical atheist magazines, since 1881, and now you can contact them on line at http:/


THE GAY & LESBIAN HUMANIST ASSOCIATION (GALHA) a powerful and brave group promoting Humanism for the gay community are well worth a visit at

My review of a talk by a member of GALHA is at /gay.humanists.htm

You might also like to consider including a link to GALHA's associated charity the Pink Triangle Trust (PTT) which arranges affirmation ceremonies nationwide for lesbian and gay couples as the alternative to the gay Christian "blessing" and publishes the quarterly magazine 'Gay & Lesbian Humanist' - the only one of its kind for gay and lesbian unbelievers worldwide. The PTT site is: John Squire's Humanism site with several very well researched features on the sociology of belief, origins of religion, etc.

Peter Tatchell of Outrage gay rights activists also has two excellent web sites on offer - his own at
And the official Outrage site at

Sam Gibson’s astonishing study of the Bible highlighting just about every contradiction and problem passage in the book(s). Extremely well researched.

American Atheists - Comprehensive site on all aspects of American Humanism.

American Humanist Association Detailed US site with the biggest collection of links to Humanism material on the net.

Americans United For The Seperation of Church and State self explanatory

Campus Freethought Alliance Call for a bill of rights for unbelievers.

Council For Secular Humanism Paul Kurtz site and source of contact with the excellent Free Enquiry magazine.

Skeptic Society

Atheist Celebrities List of live celebrities believed to be atheists, agnostics or of some doubt as to their beliefs.

Famous Dead Atheists Some surprising inclusions. - Carl Coon's American Humanism web site, highly informative, with its relevent look at the current U.S. political and cultural scene.

Atheist Fortune Cookies! Quotations, found in an irritating fortune cookie novelty fashion, but good selection nevertheless.

Ex-Christian Mailing List people who did believe, but don't any more, but a few might not necessarily be humanists either. .

The Other Side - Chris Ashton's viewson afterlife, Jesus, God, Bible, etc. Thoughtful arguementative style.

#Bible-Debate page - Good place to argue on many aspects of theology, and Bible study for non-believers especially. Humanism web site that gives details of events at other U.K. Humanist groups, too, i.e., The Harrow, London Humanists. Concise, compact and neatly presented.

Steven Carr's Humanism site is at and carries quite a wide range of articles. The site is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Carl Sagan.

The Atheist's Certainty - Good essay on the meaning of atheism.

What Xians Say / What Xians Mean Chart Witty look at Christian double meanings.

Saturnalia Very funny comic strip presentation on a woman's shock at finding out how really traditional her neighbour's old fashioned Christmas is. Very well rawn story boards that download quite swiftly too.

African Americans For Humanism - Excellent site dedicated to the growing movement of black atheistic Humanism in America. The site carries some beautifuul and brave personal stories of how AAH members came to be Humanists.


THE SKEPTIC - Leading UK journal on all things skeptical -


. - My favourite bad site - An extreme Christian morality site that reviews current movies by how close or more often far they are from Christian values - they count literallyu every swear word, every moment of God's name being taken in vein, every act of violence, etc and sex and then try to shock us by describing them to us as graphically as possible - Star Wars The Phantom menace, South park The Movie, and Sleepy Hollow, all fine films come under fire but they liked Mary Poppins. Dogma - Their reviewer walked out in shock half an hour into the film - if they don't like a film, chances are you'll love it - planning a trip to the cinema - let them be your guides. Laughable in the extreme.


Ex-PREMIE ORG. HOMEPAGE -Presented by Ex-Followers of The Ex-Lord Of The Universe - Maharaji. One of the best regularly updated places to look for regular updates on this increasingly obsxcure but still active sect.

CULTS Links to many splendid ex-cult members sites

SCIENTOLOGY: Bryan Wilson World renouncing new religions.

 Manchester NO2ID - yahoo group for Manchester people, including myself Look up Arbory Avenue,  download a map  which you can post to anyone who  needs directions to your house.  Property prices in Arbory Avenue - these change frequently. Review of fthe dig at Moston Hall. This needs updating to cover the 2005 events and the e-mail address given for contact details bounces but otherwise, an excellent record of the dig. Contact information for Moston/Lightbowne ward councillors photographic record of the allotments on the corner of Joyce Street/St Mary's Road Famous writers asociated with Manchester, including Moston's Ben Brierley


My personal history, local history, art, civil war re-enactment, humour, fiction, and general pages as a published local Moston writer, are at /contents.htm FAB Café cult film and TV bar in Manchester England where I most frequently go for a drink at weekends - neat website too. FAB Leisure's Nightclub, companion bar to FAB Café itself, a very impressive Film Studio set design dance area, built like a rising volcanic ash pit, surrounding by gothic pillars with gargoyles, snakes and a giant demons, presided over by Satan himself from the DJ booth. Opened in August 2000 by Richard O Brien, (Of Rocky Horror Show fame) and a wonderful place to go on any night out, - open Wednesdays to Saturday from 9.30 pm on Silver Street, Manchester, off Princess Street and a mere stone's throw from FAB Café. Cool web site too. very good Manchester based commercial art for sale site created by a very good friend of mine Clare Kelly


LULU PUBLISHING - You could try this website:


There was a report on it in todays Daily Telegraph:
 The Poetry Superhighway,
picks guest poets for specific attention each month and also gives
attention to many other poets and poetry events. Lollipop - small poetry publishers. -
List of small publishers - good places for poets to send work for
possible first publication. London based organisation promoting
poetry slam events, which is due to expand nationally due to National Lottery funding soon. The Wanton Spirit e-zine producers who have used
some of my material from time to time. Terrific source of up to date information on the poetry and general writing publishing world, and source of several excellent competitions too Extensive link range on
contemporary poetry Jim Bennett - Homepage
Liverpool based poet, presenting much of his own material, and also a
superb links page for other writing sources. PK Poetry List
The best e-mail discussion group around for poets bar none and a web page
that really is the best available from the UK Twilight Times - online editors, publishers of SF and Horror themed poetry. is a
terrific link to the poem and poet generally regarded as the worst of
all time, William McGonagall's Tay Bridge Disaster poem Bad Poetry producers,
Unlike McGonagall, these poets do it deliberately, yup some of mine
gets in there too., a good e-group for sharing poetry
events info; Writer's Block Canadian e-zine site - Writer's Resources links site
for writers in the UK

ABC TALES Excellent site for poetry and short stories in easy access alphabetical listings. You can read and rate an author's work, including some by me.

ZOETROPE Francis Ford Coppola's studios allows you to present and give critique to poems, stories and film scripts. Lots of chat and discussion facilities. Definitely one of the best sites of its kind for any writer. Advice site for up and coming
writers of books, poems and web sites Inkspot list of many links for
writers and poets

Sites for poetry slams - mostly in The States In The Writing Biz guide to lots
of US publishing houses (Site has annoying elevator music version of
soundtrack to Dirty Dancing so hit sound mute when there, but otherwise
fine) Inscriptions Magazine for
professional writers, regualr e-mail bulletins and competitions Interactive poetry salon -
lots of good experimental stuff here, ie, poems written line by line by
different contributers, haiku workshops, etc, good site
d_Forms/ Yahoo links site for poetry forms from Clerihew to Sonnets etc Huge online
a-z dictrionary of poetry terms and expressions, likely to be off-putting to
newcomers by its sheer size but of use to experienced and daring poets London based HQ site of the Poetry
Society including news of hte Poetry Cafe and their various resources
for poets nationwide Flash dependent site which has some of
Casey Abaraonye's
poetry and a directory page for others to put their poetry on. Good London based poetry
group web site Very good poetry site that welcomes submissions on
verse and other writing formats. The electronic poetry Centre (EPC)
wide range of e-zine poetry sources to browse read and submit to. e-writers resource page for details of what's hot
and not in the e-book publishing realm. Faber And
Faber publishers website The Haiku Society Of America home page
Forms/Haiku/Contests_and_Submissions/ Haiku competitions and submissions
links page from Yahoo.

ROLE PLAYING LINKS Manchester by night Manchester by night message
board for vampire characters to talk to one another through White Wolf official homepage - they are the copyright holders and creators of the M-WOD Role playing world and this site sells their wares and gives current updates on merchandise. Promotional site for The
Book Of Nod, on the dark origin of vampires and the story of what happened to Cain after he was sent to Nod. list of vampire chatrooms, some of which have their own online gaming facilities too general message board for vampire communication Vampire Masquerade
character sheet preparation and tips Disciplines that vampire RPG characters can use in certain circumstances (Lots of them to pick from) - introduction to Malkavian vampire madness links to the clans of the Sabbat, dreaded enemies of the Camarilla vampires.
My own vampire role playing pages are at
/rpg.htm and /quagmass.htm


                                                RE-ENACTMENT SITES

Sealed knot home page The best page for English Civil War Re-Enactors by far.

                                THE BATTLES AND BATTLEFIELDS   General overview. Naseby

                                                THE PEOPLE  INVOLVED

County Durham recusants

Lancashire Royalist Sir George Middleton

Madeley in Shropshire

Humfrey Noye, Royalist gentleman gentleman

House of Correction in Middlewich Middlewich

Winstanley & The Diggers The Puritans Dissenting sects


Witchcraft witch trials The Marquis Of Argyll Levellers & Diggers.  

                             GENERAL ESSAYS ON THE CIVIL WAR General year by year Civil War History Cromwell on Charles  1st.


alasdair mccolla


alasdair macdonald ballad

Montrose montrose o cahan link reprint of the mercurius article

Great Rebellion Massacre Of Protestants

Aberdeen Massacre

Battle Of Fyfe

Battle Of Inverlochy

names and numbers roll call

Domestic Annals of Scotland

Battle of Worcester


Scots in Sweden

Scots in Germany

Scots in Poland


                                                DOCUMENTS FROM THE  17th CENTURY full text of the  Grand Remonstrance case parliament issued against the king. (Early English Books Online) (Parliamentary history from the British History online website) (reproduction books and pamphlets, also Military Books, Role Playing Games, CCGs, Wargames, Games Workshop, LARP accessories) (the Time Traveller's Guide to Stuart England online) (wills) (pamphlets, news sheets and other documents) (essays and articles on 17th century art and literature) (specialist 17th century bookseller - second-hand, out of print and new) (tariff for emigrants with prices from 1625) (CD book of engravings and woodcuts) Constitutional papers from the Puritan Government.

                              WOMEN IN THE 17th CENTURY (the 17th century housewife in English literature)


                                    WEAPONRY Muskets History Of The Sword  Artillery


                        COSTUME/UNIFORM SITES cloth dying Baroque costumes.   Armour Armour  Armour Buff coats (made to measure clothing) (a site full of links) (costume gallery) (cloth and clothes) (shoes, historical) (materials, historical) (clothing, historical) (material)
Hose (hand knit) (has a pattern for cut hose)

Jewellery (The Cheapside Hoard "greatest find of 16th-17th century jewelry made for commoners.")
Patterns (Tudor costumes, but has lots of useful information on it) (women’s underclothes)
Petticoats (cartridge pleats)
Sewing (crewel work)
Shoes (Clogs) (Cordwainers) (footwear glossary)
Suppliers and Tailors (Eleanor’s Trunk) (replicas of The Cheapside Hoard for sale) (Sally Green) (lace) (a site full of links) (hand knit) (embroidery supplier) (spectacles) (also wrought ironwork) (hand sewn boots and shoes) (corsetry website) (boning etc)
Women’s clothing (general) (has sketches of some patterns) (accessories) (comparing pre-Restoration and Restoration dress, with reference to a pamphlet called "A Just and Seasonable Reprehension of Naked Breasts and Shoulders") (lace making) (Hollar’s engravings)
Women’s underclothes

                                    ART David Tenniers. Portraits/depictions of women in the 17th Century

                                    LITERATURE/POETRY (17th century poetess Aimelia Lanyer) (17th century female poets) Post Civil War William McGonagall poem on the execution of Montrose. (hilariously bad tribute poem by Scotland's worst Bard.

                                    FOOD & DRINK SITES OF 17th CENTURY INTEREST Essay on diet in the period. A surprisingly informative history of the carrot in art, cooking and culture.

Eating Equipment (pots and drinking vessels from archaeological digs)


Recipes (includes medicines)

Traditional food (and other plants) (17th century colonial food, with a discussion of the English diet) (UK site of "High Quality Heirloom Vegetable Seeds") ("High Quality Heirloom Vegetable Seeds" includes recipes)

                   SMOKING (chemical residue found in pipes in Virginia) (women and pipes) (under construction)

                                    BOOKS ON THE CIVIL WAR PERIOD  Paul meekins Book sales. Full text of the Pauline Gregg Charles 1st History book. Caliber Books (military books) (pamphlets and books about crafts & history)

        FILM REVIEWS ON 17th Century FILMS Cromwell reviewed.

JUST FOR FUN LINKS  What you can learn from folk music – very funny and often true


talk like a pirate day

Saturnalia - funny comic strip in which a pagan family show a creationist a rather too traditionasl yuletide TV Nostalgia page Some great real laws TV Nostalgia page daily riddles to solve sometimes with prizes on offer - free and fun - sometimes easy sometimes hard - good fun. useless info page - useful on people's birthdays

> gossip from the rock music industry - classy presentation>
> selections of web sites by sad people (in it's author's
opinion, including hobbyists, trekkies, rednecks and various fetish folk Very irreverent bad taste site mocking US southern State redneck mentality in a series of very funny well presented lampoons about televangelists, KKK extremists, and hillbillies who adore their roadkill souvenirs. Not to be missed unless easily offended. McGonagal's Tay Bridge Disaster poem, univesally regarded as the worst verse ever written, and it's for real episode points at which you realise a good tv series has gone stupid - the title refers to the episode of happy days when fonzie goes waterski-ing but lots of other shows cop it too belgium doesn't exist - official proof Yes, a site devoted tot he study of BUBBLEWRAP!!! sinister black helicopters are you an idiot or not? Find out here - I am and proud of

http://w click on each horse to set it off singinging or to stop it chemists do have a senseof humour - molecules with genuine silly scientific names - great fun page to visit
daft game, fun to do, worth reading the hate mail its author got for doing it too, he adds it on along with the game itself submarine torpedo game fun game to play - tougher than it appears when you start posh test - i got 16 percent so i'm really common easy but silly and fun brian blessed test page tv go home page Some of the ludicrous things you can still be arrested for throughout the world - here is a sample from the UK - Throughout the whole of England it is illegal to eat mince pies on the 25th of December. Any boy under the age of 10 may not see a naked manaquin. It is illegal to leave baggage unattended. Picking up abandoned baggage is as act of terrorism. Those wishing to use a television must apply for a license. It is illegal for a Member of Parliament to enter the House of Commons wearing a full suit of armour. Anal sex is prohibited. You may not make out in public. It is legal for a male to urinate in public, as long it is on the rear wheel of his motor vehicle and his right hand is on the vehicle

1,000's more at the site Fads explored and derided with savage enthusiasm - rubik cubes and hoola hoops - any thing kitsch is here - worth also reading my review of Bellwether at /bellwether.htm if you like this fads site.



Ansible links the best general science fiction pages online DIVERSE BOOKS - SF book review site encouraging reviews not only of current l releases but also of old and second hand classics, written by fans and readers themselves. The Welsh Science Fiction Association. Website of SF artist Dominic E. Harman one of the best in the business of SF illustration work. Babylon Five official list Official Buffy The Vampire Slayer TV Series site offers a history of slams the founder's home page - Marc Smith, the Daddy of the slam poetry scene, .

: Star Trek resources - everything you want to know about Star Trek Molly Brown web site of author of Virus and Invitation To A Funeral. Highly recommended

Robert Rankin website sproutlore


GOBLOGZ  blog site promotion link <a href="">Go BlogZ</a>

Google search engine Wikepedia is an online encyclopedia   which readers can add to, edit, and discuss. Iy covers every subject you can think of. A must. Speed camera database - useful for keeping tabs on their locations -  I don’t drive so    I can’t guarentee it is up to date or totally accurate

Good film-DVD ordering page - moviemail  Forum for passengers who sailed on the SS Uganda, including myself in 1977, during its educational cruise years, and later, (without me) during its use as a hospital ship during the Falklands War. extremely clever search engine that sarches other search
engines and answers questions you ask in plain English. Extremely valuable site where you can make a charitable donation to feed the hungry without actually spending any money at all - the site operates by corporate subscription - you just visit the site, click on the map and the corporation sponsors make a donation - you can only visit once per day, but it is one of the best charity promotions online - an absolute must. regularly updated stories on celebrity deaths -
including Ed Wood and bizarely Herve Vallanchez (Nick Nack from The Bond
Movie TheMan WithThe Golden Gun) Why a major computer game was banned and why it should be unbanned.
> companion site to above listing locating tthe final
resting places of many celebs, royals and tyrants around the world, giving
epithaphs, links etc - very well researched Astronomy campaign to reduce excessive street lighting to give astronomers a clearer view of the night sky - stunning images of what we could see if the glare of neon and air pollution didn't obstruct us - wonderful stuff great pictures Useful site that checks up whether those virus warnings you get e-mailed regularly are serious are not - most are listed on this site (called dr. Solomon's Virus Central, as hoaxes. Good site for putting minds at rest.

YELL yellow pages online

GOOD BEARS - Nice site that promotes the collection of teddy bears to be given to law enforcementr officers to give to children who they need to interview in cases involving child beating, rescue from disasters, victims of bereavement or traumatic accidents, lost children, molestations, and other sensitive issues. A very worthy cause indeed.


Birmingham UK Com Good website to link to if you have anon-profit making website   as they will happily  run your link in return for a link for them on your website.

                                                EROTICA LINKS (Adults only)




THE BETTIE PAGE WEBSITE Pictures and  stories of the most iconic and beautiful pin up girl of all time. 


SUSIE BRIGHT One of the best writers,  champions and commentators on  erotica today. 


   RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL - Personal blog page of a major erotica author. 


THE BUTTERFLY TEMPTRESS. Excellent blog page. 


ADRIANNA DANE - Blog pages for a leading erotica author. 


Erotica Readers & Writers Association Quite simply the best resource for authors wishing to spice up their literature with strong arousal scenes. 


The  Erotic  Woman  -  A membership subscription online community for erotic literature, discussion, etc.


FELICIA'S  STORIES Excellent erotica.


TRESART L.SIOUX'S’s WEBSITE. . Web pages for a brilliant erotica author and artist. 




MINX WETLOOK Wetlook clothing Fetish discussion forum – You don’t have to take your clothes off to look sexy.


MUD PUDDLE VISUALS  Bizarre real quicksand as a sexual turn on fetish web site - more scary than erotic, to my mind, but each to their own.....


THE ULTIMATE MESSY DIRECTORY (UMD) Wet And Messy fetish links resource - regularly updated. If you like wet, muddy, covered in food, etc, this site is for you.


A F WADDELL (EROTICA AUTHOR) Personal web site for an excelent erotica author.


                                                            ART & ARTISTS LINKS


Julian Beever street art - some fantastic stuff here, really  There's more of  Beever’s work at

Arthur Chappell