This is a list of the best famous and funny pages I have among my own Twitter contacts. I have many personal friends and interesting people of less well known status on Twitter too, but these people and organizations are those who are more prominent. Names are given in alphabetical order.  Names marked with a * are following me as well as being followed by me on Twitter. 

MY TWITTER PAGE - http://twitter.com/arthurchappell

                                    INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE

EMERALD ACE http://twitter.com/EmeraldAce  Burlesque performer

DREW BARRYMORE http://twitter.com/Drew_Barrymore Actress

*BJORK http://twitter.com/bjork Singer

FRANKIE BOYLE http://twitter.com/frankieboyle Comedian 

RUSSELL BRAND http://twitter.com/rustyrockets Radio, TV presenter, actor, comedian

SUSIE BRIGHT http://twitter.com/susiebright  Sexologist, author.

LEVAR BURTON http://twitter.com/levarburton Actor

JOHN CLEESE http://twitter.com/JohnCleese Actor, Comedian

JUSTIN LEE COLLINS http://twitter.com/justinillusion

COLDPLAY http://twitter.com/coldplay  Musicians

PAUL CORNELL http://twitter.com/Paul_Cornell  Author, Dr. Who writer. 

RUBY FORTUNE http://twitter.com/RubyFortune Burlesque performer

STEPHEN FRY http://twitter.com/stephenfry  Actor, comedian, writer and officially the most popular Twitter user on the planet.

NEIL GAIMAN http://twitter.com/neilhimself Writer

GEORGE GALLOWAY MP http://twitter.com/georgegalloway Eccentric politician 

BILL GATES http://twitter.com/billgates Internet Entrepenuer

GOD http://twitter.com/god  Spoof page, (obviously) and quite amuzing.

AL GORE http://twitter.com/algore  Environmentalist and former ‘next president of the United States’.

EDDIE IZZARD http://twitter.com/EddieIzzard Actor, comedian

M C HAMMER http://twitter.com/MCHammer Singer

*JIMMY EAT WORLD http://twitter.com/jimmyeatworld Musicians

ANNA FUR LAXIS http://twitter.com/Anna_Fur_Laxis Burlesque performer

DAVID LYNCH http://twitter.com/DAVID_LYNCH Film Director

EWAN MCGREGOR http://twitter.com/EwanMcGregor Actor

DEMI MOORE http://twitter.com/mrskutcher Actress

ALANIS MORISSETTE http://twitter.com/morissette Singer

BARACK OBAMA http://twitter.com/BarackObama  The US President has his own Twitter page. Yes, it really is him.

JAMIE OLIVER http://twitter.com/jamie_oliver TV chef.

*YOKO ONO http://twitter.com/yokoono Singer, artist.

LOLA POPS http://twitter.com/Lola_Pops Burlesque performer

JONATHON ROSS http://twitter.com/Wossy Radio and TV presenter

*ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER http://twitter.com/schwarzenegger

TEDDY SHABBA http://twitter.com/TeddyShabba Dating / relationships advice

WILLIAM SHATNER http://twitter.com/WilliamShatner Actor

KEVIN SMITH http://twitter.com/ThatKevinSmith Actor, film director

BRITNEY SPEARS http://twitter.com/britneyspears Singer

BRENT SPINER http://twitter.com/BrentSpiner Actor

JUBILEE SWOON http://twitter.com/JubileeSwoon Burlesque performer

DARTH VADER http://twitter.com/darthvader  Funniest spoof site on Twitter.

LUKE WILSON http://twitter.com/LukeWilson Actor

ELIJAH WOOD http://twitter.com/elijahwood  Actor



*ALARM PRESS http://twitter.com/alarmpress Independent arts and music magazine

*ALL ABOUT BEER http://twitter.com/allaboutbeer Beer appreciation site

*ATOMIC COMICS http://twitter.com/Atomic_Comics Comic publishers

BAD MOVIE CLUB http://twitter.com/badmovieclub Appreciation of the worst of the cinema

*BBC HAVE YOUR SAY http://twitter.com/BBC_HaveYourSay BBC radio show

BBC ONE http://twitter.com/bbcone BBC TV

BBC PANORAMA http://twitter.com/BBCPanorama BBC TV

BBC RADIO FOUR LIVE http://twitter.com/bbcradio4live As it says

BBC RADIO ONE http://twitter.com/bbcradio1 As it says

BBC RADIO 2 http://twitter.com/BBC_Radio_2 As it says

*BEER REPOSITORY  http://twitter.com/beerrepository Beer appreciation

BLOGGING AUTHORS http://twitter.com/bloggingauthors Forum for writers.

BOMBARDIER BEER http://twitter.com/Bombardier_beer Fine Real ale. 

BRITISH FILM INSTITUTE (BFI) http://twitter.com/BFI As it says

*BULLYING UK http://twitter.com/bullyinguk Charity supporting opposition to bullying in schools.

*BURLESQUE MAGAZINE http://twitter.com/burlesquemag Free online Burlesque magazine in preparation.

CHANNEL FOUR NEWS http://twitter.com/channel4news As it says

CNN NEWS http://twitter.com/cnn As it says

*COMICS 4 SERIOUS http://twitter.com/comics4serious Comic book producers.

DARK HORSE COMICS http://twitter.com/DarkHorseComics Comic book producers.

THE DEAF INSTITUTE http://twitter.com/DeafInstitute Manchester nightclub

*DOWNING STREET http://twitter.com/DowningStreet  The heart of British politics

EMPIRE FILM MAGAZINE http://twitter.com/empire_film Movie magazine

FAKE CELEBRITY WATCH http://twitter.com/fakecelebwatch Exposing the charlatans who are not the people you might think they are. 

FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER http://twitter.com/fsm Spoof religion with more followers than many genuine ones 

GUARDIAN NEWS http://twitter.com/guardiannews The Guardian newspaper

GUESS THAT LYRIC http://twitter.com/guessthatlyric Song lines quiz

*HEY MANCHESTER http://twitter.com/heymanchester  Looking at the Manchester music scene.

THE HUGO AWARDS http://twitter.com/TheHugoAwards The Oscars of the science fiction genre.

*JETPACK COMICS http://twitter.com/JetpackComics  Comic book producers

JODRELL BANK http://twitter.com/jodrellbank The radio Telescope in Cheshire, England.

*JOURNALISM NEWS http://twitter.com/journalismnews As it says

JUST TWEET IT  http://twitter.com/justtweetit Twitter directory - see their website http://justtweetit.com/

KERRANG RADIO http://twitter.com/kerrangradio Heavy metal radio page 

LET’S POLKA http://twitter.com/letspolka Eccentric and delightful site dedicated to Accordian music appreciation.

*LIVE EARTH http://twitter.com/LiveEarth Environmentalism page

*MANC MATTERS http://twitter.com/MancMatters All things Manchester

MANC WEATHER http://twitter.com/manc_weather Local weather forecast

*MANCHESTER JOBS http://twitter.com/ManchesterJobs Local job leads

*MANCHESTER RADIO http://twitter.com/ManchesterRadio

MANCUBIST https://twitter.com/mancubist Manchester blog site See also http://www.mancubist.co.uk/

MAYOR OF LONDON - BORIS JOHNSON http://twitter.com/MayorOfLondon

MERCURY RECORDS https://twitter.com/mercuryrecords Music industry giants


MGM FILM STUDIOS http://twitter.com/MGM_Studios No introduction necessary

MISTER TWEET http://twitter.com/MrTweet  Twitter assistance and advice page – An essential addition for many users.

*MY JOB GROUP http://twitter.com/MyJobGroup Employment leads

NATIONAL DEBT http://twitter.com/NationalDebt  US National debt statistics – scary to see how much money is owed and how quickly it is leaking away.

NASA http://twitter.com/NASA  The heart of US space exploration

NASA MARS PHOENIX PROBE http://twitter.com/MarsPhoenix  Regular updates on the flight of the NASA probe. .

NEW YORK TIMES http://twitter.com/nytimes As it says

NO2ID http://twitter.com/no2id  Campaign feed for the campaign to stop ID cards becoming compulsary for all UK citizens.

*NORTH WEST JOBS http://twitter.com/NorthWestJobs  Job leads

*THE ONION http://twitter.com/TheOnion  Satirical magazine

OPEN RIGHTS GROUP http://twitter.com/Openrightsgroup  Preserving human rights in the digital age.

*ORBIT BOOKS http://twitter.com/orbitbooks   SF publishers

* OXFAM https://twitter.com/oxfamgb Major famine relief charity.

PENGUIN BOOKS http://twitter.com/PenguinBooks Major publishing company 

PENTHOUSE MAGAZINE USA http://twitter.com/PenthouseUS  Erotica journal

REUTERS http://twitter.com/Reuters  The international news agency

ROCK RADIO http://twitter.com/1061rockradio As it says really.

SAY YES TO KISSING http://twitter.com/SayYesToKissing Opponents of efforts to ban snogging in public places in the UK

SCI-FI CHANNEL, THE http://twitter.com/scifichannel As it says

*SFX http://twitter.com/SFXmagazine  Science fiction magazine

*SHINE ANTHOLOGY http://twitter.com/Shineanthology Science fiction magazine

SIX WORD STORIES http://twitter.com/sixwordstories    The ultimate in micro story telling – See their main website too. http://www.sixwordstories.net/

SKY NEWS http://twitter.com/SkyNews As it says

*SOCIAL MEDIA CLUB http://twitter.com/socialmediaclub Global social networking campaign

*SPAM WATCH http://twitter.com/spam  Twitter page dedicated to tracking down and eliminating Spam from the site.

STORY OF MY LIFE http://twitter.com/SOML  One person’s autobiography each day.

*STUPID TIMES, THE http://twitter.com/thestupidtimes  Satirical magazine

 TOR BOOKS http://twitter.com/torbooks publishing company

SWEET MANDARIN http://twitter.com/sweetmandarin  Manchester based Chinese restaurant.

THIRTY FIVE STORIES http://twitter.com/3S_stories  Story anthology publishers

TWELVE STORIES http://twitter.com/twelvestories Story anthology publishers

TWITTER http://twitter.com/twitter  Official updates on what is happening in the Twitting world.

VIRGIN COMICS http://twitter.com/virgincomics As it says

*WATER PARTNERS http://twitter.com/WaterPartners  Charity aiming to ensure distribution of clean drinking water around the World.

THE WHITE HOUSE http://twitter.com/TheWhiteHouse  The centre of American politics.

WORD PRESS http://twitter.com/wordpress Publishers.


                                    RELATED LINKS

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TWITTERHOLIC http://twitterholic.com/  The top 100 users, Internationally, and locally. Also enables you to gauge your own rankings.

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