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The giant eye loomed larger and larger as the tiny dart hurtled in on an apparently direct and imminent collision course. Maxil gritted his teeth and only just resisted the urge to close his eyes. He fully expected them to crash' and explode at any moment.

There was no sense or awareness for either Maxil or the Doctor of going through any kind of entranceway. One moment they were flying through space, the next, the fuselage was skidding and careering out of control along a vast white ice plain.

The Tine Lords were screaming, as people scream on fast and furious fairground rides. They clung on tightly on to anything they could for dear life. The TARDIS threatened to topple over on its side at any moment. The cockpit-canopy had vanished, or as Maxil suspected, the Doctor had jettisoned it.

Gradually, the relentless ride abated. The little TARDIS came to a stop, barely a few feet away from a sheer white precipice, with no visible bottom to it. The two passengers took a moment to catch their breath, and stepped down carefully onto the Ice.

With no real idea of which. direction to go, they just started walking. The Doctor mentioned the rather obvious fact that he was freezing. '"Don't remind me," Maxil said, shivering.

They knew that they had to reach Ichabod's main control room, but they had no idea which way it was. Maxil suggested that they should split up and search separately. The Doctor was disagreeing with the idea when the Staser fire erupted around them. The energy bolts hit the ice close to their feet and richoched off into the distance. Maxil took out his own fully loaded Staser and he was immediately aware of the total absence of protective cover. The Doctor looked around too, but there was no sign of their enemy.

"We could be kept .in the Matrix fields forever,' Maxil said.

"I doubt it,' The Doctor replied. "He wanted me to get here. He won't kill us that easily.'

"Oh! You doubt it, do you do you?" came a rather rich, deep, tenorous voice in mockery. Maxil was the first to spot the source. A huge white, three headed polar 'bear was standing about thirty yards away. "That's very presumptuous of you. besides, who said you could come, Maxil? I only asked for the Doctor."

Maxil started shooting at the bear, which Laughed as the staser bolts turned to ash and dispersed harmlessly in the air. The Doctor was calling to Maxil not to fire again. The bear dissolved away like a heat haze, leaving Maxil shooting at Marcher who had instantly appeared in its place, firing back with a similar weapon. '

The Doctor stepped forward., hoping to pull Maxil clear of the

firing range of the lethal gun, but he wasn't watching the ground at his

feet. The ice opened up under him like a mouth and he' vanished without making any noise, into the fissure. The wound in the ice healed up immediately over him without a scar. Maxil glanced round just in time to notice the Doctor disappear. For an instant, it distracted him from his fight with Marcher, who also vanished in some inexplicable way The three-headed bear however, was again present. It rematerialised directly behind Maxil, taking him completely by surprise as it clubbed him down with a single savage swipe from one of its huge upper paws. Maxil dropped his staser as he fell. It slid across the ice as he lunged desperately after it, but the bear grabbed him quickly by the ankle and pulled him up and along. Maxil clawed desperately at the ice, hoping to get hold of enough snow to make a snowball, or anything with which to attack the bear. He knew that if could have distracted, ii, for even a moment, he might have been able to escape. It was no use. The ice was as hard as iron, cold, and slippery. The bear hauled its helpless prey towards a shallow, white pit that seemed to have been hand-gauged out of the ice. In it, tiny triple headed bear cubs hungrily looked up in excitement, and salivated.

"Calm down children," The big bear called to them. "Dinner's almost ready. . "


The Doctor slid down the side of the dangerously narrow crevice. His hat and umbrella were lost somewhere along the way. He bounced and rolled and cracked against the walls of the Slope, but it slowly levelled out to slow his descent, finally dropping him with a revolting squelch, flat on his back in a pool of very sticky, sickly orangy-yellow liquid from which he quickly found he was unable to extricate himself.

The Doctor recognised the translucent substance as amber. It was dripping down on him very slowly, at the rate of a single drop every few minutes, from the rotten tree roots that looked down through the distant ceiling. There was no longer any sign of the ice flow. It was also much warmer now.

He knew that there was no chance of drowning; in the gunge for at least thirty years unless the rate of flow was increased dramatically

The Doctor tried to look round the room, but the amber was making it difficult for him to turn round without the glue-like liquid tearing at the hair on the back of his head painfully. He could however see, in the corner of the room, his police Box TARDIS, and another TT capsule that was standing close beside it, which he assumed must have been Maxilís. Neither machine looked damaged in any way.

The tree roots dangling down from above looked ancient and almost petrified. They hung in a circle around a central portion of clear white ceiling, from which an old manís face was projected, or more likely projecting out. The grave old gloomy figure that was Ichabod, looked down as though in tremendous sorrow and pain, at the trapped Time: Lord below. He spoke to him iv words that reflected none of the agitation and grief echoing in the tired voice which said them,

"Welcome to my parlour, said the Spider to the fly."

" That' s a bit cliched for God, isn't it?" The Doctor replied, as he looked around as best he could, with the limited movement he had, for anything that might have been useful in dealing with the situation.

"You've been known to play God with people's destinies yourself Doctor. However, I do not play games. I am God. "

The Doctor laughed. "And to think people sometimes accuse .me of having delusions of grandeur."

"How do you wish to die today, Doctor?" "You won' t kill me Ichabod. You know. . "

Ichabod finished his defensive statement for him .in his own words. " . . . you brought me here to help you bring all of this to an end. I can't do that unless you set me free. Killing me wonít help either of us."

Ichabod reverted to his own trembling, hesitant, deeply disturbed voice. "All a terrible lie, Iím afraid. You will die today. "

"I will live. You were telling the truth. Itís now that you are telling lies. "

'"What makes you so sure about that Doctor?"

"Your own uncertainty tells me I' m right. You don' t know whether to kill me or not, do you?"

Ichabod sounded as though he was weeping. "No, I don't know. Help me Doctor. . Please. "

"That's why I am here, but you have to co-operate with me. Tell me what you are planning to do. What is your next move?"

The voice became commanding and full of conviction. "I am going to become the next Universe. All things shall. be again! All that ever died will live once more. The final countdown is already begun. Behold! "

A large digital clock counter seemed to grow out of the features on the face in the ceiling. Minutes and seconds were flickering by, just below the. eyes. The time was nut moving consistently, but leaping down in strides, and occasionally skipping over minutes, hours, and then backtracking to recapture them, only to pass over them again. The figures moved at different speeds, slowly at first, and then fast. Sometimes the clock stopped altogether and then started up again. It leapt from five seconds to detonation to five hours to go. There seemed to be no consistent pattern to it at all.

"You can't become the Universe, Ichabod. You'll just be destroying everything, including yourself."

"That's just what Marcher said. "

The Doctor took in the fact that Ichabod. had been in communication with Marcher. "For once, I' m inclined to agree with him."

"It will work, " groaned Ichabod. " It must work . " "What :if it doesn't work?"

The shrill note of misery and despair was becoming all the more apparent. "It will work! It will work! " His refrain became louder and. louder until reached an ear-splitting crescendo. " What have I done?"

The Doctor wasn't sure quite what to say next. He realised that any false move or misunderstood remark could tip Ichabod completely over the edge that he was teetering on now.

With an angry defensive cry, Ace appeared, standing close to The Doctor. She seemed to have walked over the amber without getting stuck in it. "Leave my Father' alone!"

She was still wearing her white shroud dress, but now it was soiled, dishevelled and grubby. Much of it was torn and tattered. At some stage, Ace had tired of tripping over its long hem and the dress had been crudely cut away to just over knee length. Her hair was hanging down where the bob had simply collapsed because of sheer neglect . Ace was aiming a staser rifle squarely at the Doctor. He smiled and looked up at her. "Nice dress, Dorothy. Did your Mum buy it fur you, or did you make it yourself?"

Ace looked momentarily confused to be called Dorothy by The Doctor. She looked a though she was about to correct him and tell him to call her Ace at all times. The Doctor recognised her confusion and quickly decided to play on .it, further. "Why do you always call me The Doctor when you know my title is The Professor?. Have you forgotten who 1 am?" The contradiction, and reversal of the truth clearly baffled the girl. The Doctor knew now that she could be reached and rescued if he played things carefully.

Ichabod cut in quickly, in considerable anger. Ace! He is simply trying to confuse you my child. Ignore his pathetic, juvenile, childish taunts. Listen only to me."

Ace glanced up at the face' in the ceiling, with its clock counter superimposed over the worried features. The time to doomsday shifted from a comfortable seven hours and five seconds, to three minutes and thirteen seconds. Ace spoke up softly, almost tenderly to the man looking down from above. "Daddy..."

The Doctor replied to her quickly. "Yes, Dorothy, I' m listening. Is there something you want?"

Ace trembled nervously, and stared at him. Her face quickly twisted in anger and bitterness. "You are not my Father, " she snapped, venomously, kicking the Doctor in the shins. He screamed with the sheer agony of the pain which he felt a11 the more for not being able to roll with the blow.

"Where are your manners, Dorothy? Don't you know better than to kick a man when he's down?" he said, trying to sound brave.

Ace pointed the staser at him menacingly. "Silence, worm! "

The Doctor felt a sudden. painful surge of electricity run through him from the floor beneath himself.

"I won' t let him hurt you Dorothy. Don' t worry, " Ichabod said, protectively.

Ace smiled sadistically and looked. up almost proudly the ceiling. "Should I kill him now, Dad?"

"Perhaps. not just yet. Let me think about it for a moment." Ichabod seemed to be on the brink of tears. "No. I must. . . "

"Would your Mother have approved of your recent behaviour?" The Doctor avoided mentioning a name. He wanted the question to be addressed to both Ichabod and Ace. He said it primarily to reinforce the state of confusion Ichabod felt.

"Dad, don' t listen! " Ace shouted. "Don' t listen."

The Doctor turned slightly to face her. It was painful, as the tightening amber dragged at his skin. "Does he ever tell you about your grandmother, Ace? Has he told you about the tremendous sacrifice made she made when she gave birth to him?"

The electricity shot through the Doctor again, more severely than the first time. Ace felt it too, and cried out with the pain.

Ichabod started to apologise to her, in some grief for having unwittingly harmed her so easily.

"Be careful Ace. As he once said., all gods devour their own children sooner or later."

"Stop this, or I will kill your friend, Maxil, " Ichabod said, triumphantly.

The Doctor replied softly, assertively. " If you harm Maxil in any way, She won' t be coming . "

"She:' Who is she?" Ace demanded. "Father, what is he saying?"

" Tell her, Ichabod . You can read my mind.. You know who' s coming, donít you?"

"You have brought her with you, haven' t you?" "Yes, "We have her with us.."

"Dad, what is this?" Ace said, imploringly, confused.

Ichabod sighed. "She' s with Maxil! You gave her to him to bring in here.'

" I needed to insure that you wouldnít harm him. . . . "

"I could kill you both..."

"Let me do it,` Ace said, pleadingly.

Above them, the time counter continued its frenzied erratic dance, teasing away from point zero and back again, with total unpredictability. .

"Could you really so easily kill the two men who are responsible for escorting your own Mother safely to your side, Ichabod?" asked the Doctor, bluntly.

The counter froze at one second to detonation. Ace shouted to her surrogate Father , who seemed, from his silence, uncertain how to reply to reply. She looked down at the Doctor. spat in his face, and pointed the gun at him. "What have you done?" she insisted.

The Doctor looked up at her sternly , but made no effort to reply to her question.


The stalactites seconds before had seemed out of reach, were :suddenly much closer. Maxil grabbed hold of one, and hurled it like a Javelin into the bear's back. The bear howled in pain and immediately released him. As he leapt up to run clear of potential pursuit, Maxil

found that he was now standing in a sweltering hot desert where the sand was littered with sun-bleached skeletons and massive dunes. Directly ahead of him, there was a lush green oasis and water hole, clearly marked with a huge billboard bearing the legend, 'Mirage'.

The sand felt hot beneath his feet, even though he was wearing shoes. He walked forwards towards the mirage, as it was the fixed point of bearing he had, but the path was suddenly blocked by a huge swelling in the sand that rose up directly in front of him like a blister. A camel appeared, leaping through the eye of a giant golden needle. It sang to itself, ĎEasy when you know howí. Then the camel was a needle itself, gliding like a lance, like Savatarís lance, in fact, straight towards the balloon of sand. Maxil threw himself to the ground to shied himself from the impending explosion that would take place as the dune burst. but as he hit the ground, it became a pool of dark, cold, slimy mud. Maxil stood up again to find himself waist deep in the middle of a vast stagnant primeval swamp. Several crocodiles and alligators swam around him, strangely ignoring him.

Marcher, however, who appeared. sitting astride giant Monitor Lizard, did not ignore him. Marcher calmly aimed his staser and fired, ignoring Maxil's demand to know where the Doctor was. The blast ignited the marsh gas all around Maxil, engulfing him in a searing fireball. When the flames vanished without harming him, they had burned away the scenario itself, replacing it with yet another. Maxil now found himself floating in what he assumed to be the gravity-free field zone of a TARDIS Zero Room. The image of outer space around him was white, but filled with dark blotches that were stars captured in negative photographic, three dimensional images. Maxil was surrounded by vast face painted planets, also captured in negative image. One was Ichabodís face. Another one was that of the Doctor, The planets danced round Maxil in absurdly exaggerated and impossible orbits. He sensed that he needed to move towards one of the worlds or another, so he started swimming, as though through water, towards the planet resembling Ichabod. To his surprise and delight the swimming stroke action seemed to work, but he wondered with considerable alarm if he would gain a new game-zone, or simply burn up in the planet's atmosphere. He wondered too about falling a thousand miles down to the ground when he plummeted through to the worldís surface, if that was what was destined for him. The air around. him remained quite breathable despite the illusion of space.

Instead of the heat of a planet's outer atmosphere, it was becoming decidedly colder. Maxil quickly .found himself standing back on the ice field he had been on before. He

slipped and fell heavily, as his feet made contact with it. He was about get up by himself when he was grabbed roughly from behind, and dragged up onto his feet . He looked up at the terrifying bear creature hovering over him, with two of its cubs peeping out from a pouch on its chest.

"Congratulations, old chap," the bear said. "You've made it to the final test. I strongly suggest that you head that way." It pointed in the direction it was recommending.

Maxil looked. at the bear blankly as it faded from, view. The cubs that almost devoured him so recently, were waving goodbye to him, and he found himself absurdly offering a similar idiotic sentimental wave back.

He looked round to where the bear had pointed. He saw the' TARDIS plane fuselage he had arrived in, still perched precariously on the edge of the ice-cliff. Cautiously, he walked over to it, looking out for his fallen staser gun on route. He failed to locate it. He got to the TARDIS, which did not appear to have been sabotaged in any way, and carefully climbed into the front cockpit.

He wondered if he could set its reconfigured controls to take him directly into Ichabod's interior. He knew that the Doctor had been taken downwards but not much more than that. He had no fixed location on which to start calculating his navigational programme. He was still contemplating his options when he felt the little TARDIS Lurch forwards. He stole a quick look round, and just saw Marcher pushing the craft from behind, closer towards the cliff with surprisingly little effort. maxil struggled to get out of the TARDIS, but it was too late. The sudden sensation of falling seemed to tear the air out of his lungs. The craft fell like a stone, colliding and scraping its way down the sides of the cliff in a shower of sparks. The plummeting sensation gradually abated, however, and the little TARDIS skewed to a halt, listing to one side. Maxil felt bruised and dizzy, as he staggered out of the machine and slumped dizzily onto the floor of what looked very much like a TARDIS control room. He saw behind the Little TARDIS, the ragged remains of the little parachutes that had no doubt stopped the fall from being much worse. He wondered if this was all for real , or just another cruel Hoax dimension, due to dissolve away at any instant.

The console room looked very real, much as it had appeared in the Matrix footage of Ace's mental impression of it.

Maxil became aware that his feet were in some highly adhesive liquid substance. He tried instinctively to move them, and almost fell over in the three inch deep quicksand . He realised the need to stand quite still. Looking to his left, he saw his TARDIS, and that of the Doctorís. It was the first hopeful moment he had experienced since the: promise of the fight at Marcherís TARDIS factory. He soon became acutely aware of the; schizophrenic, random time counter above his head, in the ceiling. Imbedded, as it now was, in the craggy features of Ichabod's tired, pale face. The clockís digital numerals were going in reverse, from a few seconds to whatever dire event it was timing, to a thousand comfortable hours remaining. The last thing that Maxil noticed was the Doctor lying sprawled in the amber several yards away, with Act standing over him with a malevolent look of both anger and fear, aiming her staser, first at the Doctor, and. then, on realising that he was there, directly at Maxil.

"Ace, listen to me, " Maxil said.

The Doctor called out. "How dare you interrupt my daughter when she' s just about to kill me. "

"Your Daughter? What are you talking about?"

Ace ignored the Doctor and carried on pointing her gun at Maxil who held his hands up and declared himself unarmed.

' I don' t care, " Ace snapped maliciously.

The Doctor shouted up to her, as though rebuking a rude mannered child. "Really Dorothy. Is that any way to greet your long lost stepbrother?"

"What?" Maxil said again, almost laughing, but then he realised that the Doctor was exploiting and further triggering Ace:' s confusion to help free her mind.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!" Ace shouted in a blazing temper tantrum, swinging her staser round and pointing it at The Doctor again.

From the ceiling, Ichabodís sentorian voice boomed down, "Don' t let them upset you, Dorothy:'"

"What are you going to have her do to us, Ichabod?" The Doctor said. Are you going let your daughter blast me away in cold blood while I am pinned down like this?"

Maxil was shocked at the aggressive tone of The Doctor's voice. He wanted to caution him against provoking Ichabod too much, and Ace as well, but he couldnít say anything precisely because they were stood there.

The Doctor carried on relentlessly. 'You don't need Ace to kill me for you. Do it yourself.'

Ichabod groaned. 'I don't know...'

'Come on,' the Doctor taunted. "Make your mind up.'

Ichabod was becoming increasingly agitated. Ace sensed and shared his agitation. She looked up imploringly to the ashen face in the demented clock. "Daddy! What's wrong?"

The clock numbers rolled down to five seconds away from detonation and then back to twenty minutes, twenty one, twenty two, three hundred, seven seconds, five hours, two minutes, .....

'What exactly are you timing?' Maxil asked, addressing Ichabod, but it was the Doctor who answered him.

"Event Two, The second Big Bang. Literally.'

Maxil's eyes widened, and he swore softly under his breath. Ichabod began to eulogise in pompous, affectionate zeal, his dream of recreating time and space in his own image

Realising that Ichabod was regaining his enthusiasm for going ahead with the biggest explosion ever, through his speech, The Doctor interrupted him. "Excuse me. Aren't you supposed to be killing us, right now?"

Ichabod froze in mid-sentence. The Doctor shouted up to him again. "Will young Dorothy have a place in pour new Universe?'

'I don't know I hope so"

'Are you really going to gamble on your darling daughter's future?" Maxil added. 'If you fail, you'll be killing her too..."

'" Daddy, don' t listen to them. Don' t let them say these things. . .'

'I'm sorry,' Ichabod sighed.

' It's true isn't it, Ichabod,' The Doctor said. ' You've become far too attached to her. You really do treat her like she's your daughter. You care deeply about her feelings. You love her.''

"Of course he loves me! ' Ace cried out .

'I noticed it at the Factory,' Maxil said. 'when you set the dead robot on us. You were protecting her."

'How does such a powerful God come to love an Earthling as a daughter?' The Doctor asked.

'It's not the case. It's not true," Ichabod blustered.

'Aha!' The Doctor snapped. 'So you don't really care about her after all!' .

Maxil looked nervously at the counter in the ceiling, flickering and oscillating constantly now between three seconds and two seconds.

Ichabod seemed to go silent. Ace was weeping and shaking her head violently from side to side. 'Daddy, don't say this is true...'

'It's true,' Maxil said, in reply. 'He doesn't love you.'

'It's not a daughter he sees in you, Ace. It's a surrogate mother figure he wants.'

Ace's response to the shocking revelations was one of the most dreadful sights either of the Time Lords had ever seen. She screamed in anger, bitterness and frustration. The sheer emotional force of the scream, its fear, its hatred, its suppressed anxieties, and bottled up tension was almost primordial. The Doctor was reminded of the Edvaard Munch painting called, appropriately, The Scream. The howl of anguish was cosmic in. duration and intensity. At last the long cry came to a close, Ace sobbed and looked to Maxil to be on the brink of fainting. Finally, she seemed to compose herself. She glared up at the ceiling. "Iím not related to any of you! Leave me alone." Her staser fell from her fingers, as she stormed off, virtually unaffected by the amber at her feet. She looked to the Doctor as though she was about to leave the Console room altogether. He felt particularly saddened by the spectacle of her emotional collapse. Ace was so arrogantly proud of her ability to control her fear in the face of all kinds of danger.

Ichabod called after her, imploring her to turn and come back to him. Ace paused and looked round. "You were never my Father, " she Said, simply. She turned to walk off again, but as she turned, Marcher was there, aiming his staser at her . He shoved her aside, roughly, contemptuously, almost pushing her over altogether, and charged past her towards The Doctor.

"Have you met the black-sheep of the family, yet, Ace?" The Doctor said, as Marcher found his feet sticking firmly to the amber soaked floor, making further forward movement impossible.

Marcher called desperately to Ichabod. "What are you doing? We had an agreement. Let me kill the Doctor for you. . . "

'" I don' t think you should have pushed Dorothy around the way you just did, " Maxil said, almost laughing,

"They are trying to trick you," Marcher shouted to Ichabod. "They'll destroy you if you let them. I can stop them, right here, right now. . Let me have the Time Ring, so I can send The Doctor to Tarsarus. I need to uvbnm v trwabnj kpt h.f:~i.qw ikjh"

Marcher stopped talking, as Maxil Laughed out loud. "Cat got your tongue, Lord Cardinax?"

"You know how to confound our control over languages too?" The Doctor asked sulkily, with some jealousy.

"Of course, "Maxil said. " I thought everyone knew that . Perhaps if you' d spent more time at school , instead of hanging around with the likes of K'Anpo. . .'

Ace was stumbling around, very distressed and disorientated. Ichabod sensed her distress and immediately, without: warning, the console room began to shake and tremble as though they were on board an aircraft going through extreme turbulence. "I have had enough of all this!" Ichabod cried.

Maxil found that he was no longer able to maintain his balance. He toppled and fell forward, straight into the gunge and amber,, trapping his hands as well as his whole body in the goo. His face alone was free, and it was a strain on his neck muscles to keep his head above the shallow cold mire. .

Marcher fell too, but managed to balance himself so only his feet were trapped. Unfortunately, his staser was in the amber, and well out of his reach. Ace alone was free to move around unaffected by the trap. Ichabod' s anger abated leaving the men looking like flies on flypaper. Ace seemed to compose herself slightly more. She felt the urge to rescue her former friends, and also the urge to resist assisting them. After a moment, she looked at The Doctor with a hint of recognition in her eyes. "Professor?"

"Yes, Ace," he said, with the barest hint of a smile betraying his delight at her recovery. . "Listen. Go to Maxil. He needs you. You have to help us out now. Youíre the only one who can. "

Ace seemed uncertain for a moment, but when Maxil also called to her to say that he depended on her assistance, she started to move towards him, despite Ichabod's impassioned calls for her to stop, His words were beginning to get to her, as she started to hesitate and slow down. The Doctor instructed her to focus only on the very steps she took in crossing the amber-mire. Ace found that listening to Marcher's strange and ongoing gush of gibberish driven gibberish also helped her.

The treacle like liquid seemed to be tugging more and more at her feet . She was finding it all much more of a struggle to keep moving now. Maxil, barely able to see her from the corner of his eye, gave her gentle encouragement. The Doctor looked up at the time clock. Even though ii. currently claimed that they had over eleven hours, the Doctor told her to hurry up."

"If you stop her, you will stop your Mother, Ichabod, " The Doctor said. "You know she's coming."

"No, please, I can' t face her. Not now. I beg of you . "

Ace found that it was easier to slide her feet, rather than trying to lift them. After a few increasingly painful movements, reached Maxilís side. On his instructions, she managed to collect a small black lozenge from his back pocket It looked similar to the soluble torpedo shaped medical pills Ace had taken for various childhood colds and minor ailments, but it was larger and heavier. Ace was just about able to grasp it with one hand. "What now?" she asked .

"Destroy it! " Marcher shouted, recovering his voice as Maxilís concentration on keeping his language translations skills collapsed .

"Sorry. Canít hold that up forever," he said mainly for The Doctor to hear. The Doctor said nothing.

Ace ignored Marcher. She was listening to the next part of the task. The words and the voice were Maxilís but they came from Ichabod above.

"Take the capsule to the nearest of the two heart shaped control stacks and throw it in"

"' Do exactly as he says, " The Doctor added, and hurry."

Marcher was frantically Shouting for her to stop. After a moment or two, so was Ichabod, but mare in a pleading, desperate tone than came from Marcher.

The amber was slowing Aceís progress down considerably now. After a few desperately painful forward movements she came to a complete standstill. "Iím stuck," she confessed. "Thatís as far as I can get."

"Ichabod," Maxil said, as though pleading with him to let her go. Ichabod gave no reply.

"See if you can lift your feet out of your shoes," The Doctor said.

Ace looked baffled.

"Use your shoes as stepping stones," Maxil added. Round about now might be a good time. "

Ace crouched down carefully, and holding the capsule in one hand, she quickly untied and unlaced her boots with the other one. She stood up again, and wobbled slightly, from the effort and being at such a precarious angle. When she had steadied herself, she slowly and carefully slid her feet out of her tattered old Doc. Martin boots, and rested her feet up on top of them. She thought for an instant that she could hear Ichabod whispering gently from above for her to be very careful.

"Jump! " The Doctor shouted

"It's to far," Maxil said, sadly. "She'll never make it. "


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