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MY MANCLOPEDIA LINKS PAGE  Pages about me and edited by me on Manclopedia


http://www.stevencunio.com/arthurchappell.htm  A friend’s page about me – thanks Steve Cunio.


http://www.poetrykit.org/pkl/CITN/citn14.htm Contains two Valentine’s Day poems written by myself.


http://tweetree.com/arthurchappell  Shortcut to my Twitter postings


http://www.cfoi.org.uk/blairltr191198.html Old letter supported by myself, calling for the Freedom Of Information Act we now have, though its use does not extend far enough.


http://www.thehumanist.org/humanist/MaryGarden.html%20  Reference to my feature on why meditation is not all it’s cracked up to be.


http://www.poetrymagazines.org.uk/magazine/issue.asp?id=672 Reference to my Ugly Tree poem The Acne & Ecstasy Of Adolescence


http://www.xomreviews.com/arthurchappell.me.uk Read and rate my website here.


http://www.flapjackpress.co.uk/page2.htm  Ugly Tree & Ballista publishers – They have run several of my poems in their editions.


http://www.literaturenorthwest.co.uk/event/1368 Plug for a poetry event I am attending in April 2009


http://www.umm.maine.edu/faculty/necastro/binntest/short_2006.html  My listing as a  writing competition runner up.


BEYOND CYBERDROME http://www.beyondcyberdrome.org.uk/old_site/bc_6.htm  Includes a picture of my robot was robot, R u R D NUFF, which survived the battle, just.


http://thebutterflytemptress.com/?m=20060917 Link to my own MY SPACE Blog Page http://www.myspace.com/56954240

THE BATHTUB ART MUSEUM -  http://www.bathtubmuseum.org   carried a feature on me incorporating a letter from me in their April 2006 newsletter.


                        Several issues of FONTZINE carry my stories and poems.

FONTZINE 3 2000 www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

FONTZINE 4 2001 www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

FONTZINE 5 2002 www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

FONTzine 6 April 2003 www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

FONTzine 7 April 2004 www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

FONTzine 8 April 2005 www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

FONTzine 9  2006  www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

FONTzine 10. 2008 www.gavncal.demon.co.uk

www.gavncal.demon.co.uk/fontzine/0000-index.html Gavin Long's newsletter for FONT, FONTzine carries some of my poetry - see also my own FONT page at  http://arthurchappell.me.uk/manchester.font.science.fiction.group.htm

THE HITCH-HIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY my entry in the actual online hgtg - http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/U164607

http://website.lineone.net/~hugh.thomas/bristol.html Review of the talk on cults I gave in Bristol in 1998 despite shattering my ankle ligaments on route to the meeting hall.

PLOKTA - http://www.plokta.com/pnn/print.php?story=02/11/20/0994413
Reference to the FONT SF group.

TWILIGHT TIMES http://www.twilighttimes.com/a_Chappellp12a.html  Examples of my SF haiku

http://www.torcon3.on.ca/events/masquerade/winners.html confirmation of my winning status in an Eastercon fancy dress event.


http://flushfiction.tripod.com/id14.html  Flush Fiction profile and biography of myself.


http://www.happyaslarry.co.uk/stevecunio/arthurchappell.htm Steven Cunio's write up on


Several references to my poetry in The Ugly Tree at http://www.mucusart.co.uk/theuglytree.htm and http://www.mucusart.co.uk/samples.htm


http://www.poetrykit.org/pkl/CITN/citn8.htm  Poem, Art in Caught In The Net #2


http://www.poetrykit.org/pkl/CITN/citn14.htm Poems by me in Caught In The Net issue 14. Poem titles  Vampire Valentine and Valentine’s Day 1929.


Reproduction of my review of The Cosmic Fairy by Arthur Atkinson at http://ealing.humanists.net/Bulls/bull65r.htm#p9a


http://www.nitcentral.com/members/mc.htm  My listing on the Star Trek Fandom nitpicker’s guild.


http://www.moviemail-online.co.uk/films/9816 Less than favorable Film review of the film CROMWELL


http://www.liberator.net/ulc/HercandXena.html Reproduction of my article on Humanism in Xena and Hercules with additional comments by other fans. Links to my pages are out of date here. My link can now be seen at http://arthurchappell.me.uk/xena.and.hercules.htm


http://www.cheryl-morgan.com/Helicon/Content/Issue5.pdf Eastercon Masquerade pictures - me in Cthulhu gear included.


My Cthulhu monster costume from the Torcon 3 Science Fiction Worldcon convention http://www.fanac.org/worldcon/Torcon/x03m063.html

Arthur Chappell

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