Obscure soldier serving Parliament with Lord General Fairfax
Loyalty rewarded by promotion for his many daring attacks
Ironsides fought through all nine years to help achieve bloody
Victory at the cost of half a million men dying in the muddy
Edgehill, Marston, Naseby, and Preston battlefield campaigns
Royalist hopes broken by New Model Army advances and gains

Caught and tried and refused any real legal reason
Regicide Roundheads found Charles guilty of insidious Treason.
Offered the crown, the Lord Protector declined Sovereign status
Massacres at Drogheda made the Irish ever since hate us
When he sickened and died no one knew what they should do
Even Richard, his son, now in charge didn't have any true
Love for politics and power over the whole of our nation
Leading thus to Charles The Second and Royal Restoration

Copyright. Arthur Chappell

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