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Iím amazed and appalled at how many web-site makers forget the value of providing a mutual exchange of links to other peopleís websites. I have hundreds of  LINKS TO OTHER PEOPLES PAGES    in various hopefully helpful subcategories.


Many websites however accept no links other than internal links to their creatorís own pages. Others bury links under a maze of pop up messages, unnecessary Javascript, dancing graphics, and banner ads that deter the browsers and surfers from reaching them easily.


On some websites, ending a message you send to the web-master with a signature that includes your own web page link is considered as spam. To be fair, some people do write to a website just to plug their own websites and then clear off, never to be seen again, planting a link more to make it noticeable to search engines than to be read by the siteís existing readers. There is no doubt that opening up to link exchanges invites increased risk of receiving Spam and inflammatory attacks too.


To me, the one visit every blue moon casual reader who leaves a link should be tolerated as long as they leave a message that contributes something relevant to the discussion in which they join, and not just leave a cuckooís egg of information about himself or herself, or prove to be overtly commercial in intention.†† If they have a website giving further insight into their opinions on a subject, let them share a link to it. They created their website to have it seen just as much as you did. It is not acceptable to deny them the right to have it shared. They came to see yours, no matter how fleetingly. Be courteous enough to let your readers look in on what they have to offer too. It doesnít mean youíll never see your readers again. You may even gain some more fans.


While my own site carries some sponsored ads it is not a commercial website I donít live off itís income, and the majority of visitors do not click on my ads, which donít actually cost them anything anyway.†† Someone resenting me adding a signature link at all, - in effect, treating my contribution to their site as their own exclusive property, is just plain wrong.Such sites donít allow anyone to surf through Ė they are Internet cul-de-sacs.


My own site is saturated with links, internally and externally.I would love it if my readers all stayed to read all thousand plus pages within my website, but few interested in cults would go on to read my poetry too, and vice versa.To me, that is fine. I appreciate the casual reader as much as I want the regulars who come back to read more.


Websites are like pubs. They attract casual visitors who just pass through, and they attract the regular hard-core visitors who pop in at every opportunity.I remember one pub landlord of a bar in which I was a regular customer becoming really resentful on the few nights when I called in other bars for a change. We eventually argued over it so much that he barred me.Some website owners seem to have a similar attitude. Once they have you, they donít want you going anywhere else. They avoid adding links to other sites and seem to resent you bringing recommended links, or links to your own pages with you.


I personally want to read the pages run by forum, newsgroup and chat-room contributors who write well in subjects of interest to me. The Myspace friends network is wonderful in that respect, but people have forgotten that the rest of the net is hyper-dependent on hyper-links too.Many people who use myspace have that instead of a main website which is a shame. If you have a website you would like to share reciprocal links with me over, do let me know.I do have a selection of Myspace friendís links on my main site too, though my friendís list is growing too fast to keep up with. If you are not on there and you wish you were, do get in touch. See  LINKS TO OTHER PEOPLES PAGES    for further details.



 © Copyright. Arthur Chappell