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Number Six woke up. The usual annoying tannoy cry to wakefulness hadn't sounded. He was left to sleep through. No, it was still night. The lady moving around in his bedroom had woken him. She had put the lights on. He looked up and saw the intruder. There was a vivacious brunette standing smiling at him. She wore a transparent nylon mini-dress length negligee with nothing underneath and only a badge with a number on it. The number was Nine. The badge had the standard Village unicycle symbol on it too.

"You know the security cameras will be watching all of this, don't you?" Number Six asked.

The lady grinned. "That's why we should do this. Let's make Village Life more interesting. Why should we be celibate for them?"

"Leave!" Six insisted.

He rose up to get out of the bed but the girl threw herself down into his arms and kissed him full on the lips. He resisted, but hesitantly.

"You know what Six and Nine add up to, don't you?" she purred."

"Fifteen," said Six, trying to push her back, but the blanket was trapped between their bodies and his arms were pinned down a little. She writhed over him, and ran her arms all over his body. He felt her soft round breasts pressing against his chest.

"Silly man. You know what I mean. It's a perfect mathematical and symmetrical arrangement. You and I were made for each other." With that she turned round to face towards his feet.

With her feet and her rather pert buttocks facing him, Six finally had a chance to break his hands free from the blanket trappings. He moved to grab her legs to help push her clear, but she moved fast and accused him of being ticklish and cheeky.  She wriggled backwards so that her warm thighs were moving closer to his face.

"Number Two  will be watching you," Six said.

"He can join us if he likes," said Nine.

"That would make Seventy-one," Six said, and she realized he had indeed worked out the sums.

"I have already done Seventy-one." She said, I wasn't too impressed.

"Does that make me Number Seventy-Two?" Asked Number Six.

"No need to be sarcastic," the girl said. " I'm not sleeping with every man in the Village. I'm a good girl."

As she moved back, Nine pushed the blanket back folding it up to Sixs waist. and brushed her hands down the length of his legs. Grabbing at the knees, she pulled down his stripy pajama bottoms, debagging him almost in one move. Shocked by her audacity and his total exposure before innumerable unseen cameras Six rolled his legs back, almost under what was left of the blanket and struggled to rise up. He'd hurled several burly men around in his work, and even since his abduction to The Village, so disposing of the girl from his bed should have been easy. Somehow, he was reluctant to eject her.

"What do you want? he asked.

"Fornication," she said, smiling.

"You won't get it," he said.

"By hook or by crook, I will," she said.

"Who are you?" Six snapped.

"The new Number Nine. You are Number Six. "

"I'm not a number. I am"

"Coming .. to my way of thinking," Number Nine said. "You want to be free. What greater freedom is there than free love? I can help you escape the bondage of the Village through some bondage of my own."

"Get out of here," Six said, unaware that his hand was stroking her inner thighs already. She closed her legs holding his arm there.

"Freedom feels good," doesn't it?" she whispered. "Don't you see, there's no other escape. If we run, they'll catch us. If we tell them what they want to know, they might kill us, but they never made us stop making love. "

"They watch us all the time," Six said.

"Yes, Six. They get off on voyeurism. We have the freedom to entertain them or withhold their pleasure from them. Do you think they watch all the time because we might say in our sleep why we quit our jobs? No, they want scandal, excitement and sexual thrills. They are sex-starved, and impotent old men. If you are too careful, you could end up the same way."

"Do you expect me to talk?" Six asked. "Do you think I will let my guard down and let slip to you who I am and why I quit my job? If that is what you think, you can forget it."

Nine grinned. "I want none of that. I don't care who you are. Why did you quit your job? Same reason as anyone else I expect. You hated it, and thought you'd be better off without it. I don't need to know more than that. Not knowing much about you makes this all the more mysterious and exciting. I just want sensation and feeling. Your touch can make me feel more like a real person than any snippet of information. I want sex. I want fun. "

Six thought of the Beatles song, "All You Need Is Love," and realized it could work. He'd lost track of time here, not knowing if it had been months or the best part of a year. If his escape attempts kept failing he could end up here all his life. He wondered if the old chess-player had had sex since his incarceration, though for all he knew, the man was also a recent captive or even one of the guards in disguise. Either way, the people of The Village were not exactly sexual beings. A few held hands and put on cheery smiles as they irritated him with 'Be Seeing You," greetings. There were no pregnant women in the Village and few children either (who had been brought in with abducted parents and staff). Sex was not something prohibited. People just never mentioned the subject. Six wondered how long he could go on making love to the girl before a Rover balloon, like a giant flying condom, or armed guards came to break up their coupling. It was worth a try. Six wondered if he genuinely liked the girl, or if his action was a stab at the system that ensnared him. Was this love, or defiance? Either way it felt good. It felt like a momentary escape and a sense of freedom surged through his loins. The girl wriggled into position. Pajama top, negligee and blanket were cast aside. Six and Nine became Sixty-nine and escape became suddenly more possible and essential than ever.


Six woke up at dawn to find himself alone. He did not recall feeling tired. The girl called Nine had left no farewell message. He got up, and dressed in the Village blazer and went out. He walked from his house to that of Number Nine. Everyone in The Village lived in a house with a number matching their badge number.  He reached the house and saw a toothless old man there, wearing the Number Nine label. The man waved and smiled. "Be seeing you!" 


Six walked away. He knew that the man would claim to have always been there and always the Number Nine. No one in the whole colourful community of smiling, happy campers would know or admit to knowing of the girl. She'd gone, never to be seen again, moved to another Village, killed, hidden away. Her idea of escape had been punished, or perhaps she was a Village system supporter, reminding Six of sex that he might never experience again until he really escaped. 


He stared out at the sea, more determined and defiant than ever, contemplating how to break free and dreaming of a vivacious brunette who's name he never knew. 


Arthur Chappell

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