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Arthur Chappell
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Website launched on 19th August 1998 - Latest update 20th August 2015

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Film reviews

Jurassic World

Mr. Holmes

Awful comedy acts who were just not funny

Darkest TV Characters Ever

Six ways Batman can beat Superman

Ten alternate histories in which Hitler won the war

Ten apocalyptic movies In which the World really does end

10 actors who ended their careers with the performance of a lifetime  

10 actors who’s last movie before dying was a disaster

10 Iconic TV Characters We Never Saw

My Mixcloud Pages 2014

Contents - The Stories In The Songs



Books Starting With The Letters Of My Name

Movie Titles From The Letters Of My Name

TV Shows starting with my name – good ones – awful ones 

Disney Characters drawn From My Name


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Esther An Atheistic Study Of Esther - Chapter 2  

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Book reviews

C S E Cooney – The Canary Of Candletown **

Paul Cornell – The Severed Streets *****

Tom Fallows – The Pocket Essential George R Romero ****

Bubblews Pages

My New profile Picture – Selfie By Proxy

Who are The Plagiarists?


Comic Reviews

Gerry Conway & Roy Thomas –The End Of Doc Samson ***

Kieron Gillen – Captain America – Traceur *****

Archie Goodwin – The Girl In The Emerald Atom ****


William Harms – Captain America – Crossbones  - USA-Superhero *****

Kathryn Immonen – Captain America – Cherchez La Femme ****


Cullen Bunn – Covenant  ***

Roy Thomas – The Hulk –

Heaven Is A Very Small Place *****

Man-Trap ***

 The Measure Of A Man Is Death ***

JD – Si Spencer – A Very Creepy Christmas 

JD - John Wagner

Addiction *****

Poor Johnny *****

The Secret Life Of Judge Pal *****

Skar **

The Strange Case Of Bill Clinton *****


 Saturday 4/10/14

Sunday 5/10/14

Monday 6/10/14  

Tuesday 7/10/2014

Wednesday 8th October 2014

Thursday 9th October 2014

Friday 10th October 2014

Radio Playlist Diary Saturday 11th October 2014

Radio Show Playlist Diary – Sunday 12th October 2014

Monday 13th October 2014

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Sunday 19th October 2014

Monday 20th October 2014

Film Reviews

Funny Pages

Am I Six Degrees From Kevin Bacon?
 The best Holmes – The Worst Watson

Duck Dynasty – Reviewing A Show I Never Watch

 How Do I Get My House Haunted?

How  Much Spider is There In Spiderman?

JFK – The Case solved At Last

Life Is Not Like A Box Of Chocolates

So You Want To Go Viral Eh?

Taking Selfies

General articles

It Was Here A Moment Ago – How to lose things you saw right before your eyes just a few minutes before.

Lindy Hop

The Obsession With Challenges

Post-It Notes

War Memorials

When Plagiarism Isn’t

Which Way Is North From Here?

Why Shouldn’t Spaceships Be Like Trains?

Say No To The Challenge

Why I Hate Bing (the search engine)

Magazine Review

The Skinny – October 2014




11th October – with special guest Velody  1st hour / 2nd hour – playlist

Radio Show Script Diary Sunday 12/10/14 Sitting in for David Gray – The Punk Monk. 1st  hour

 2nd Hour – Playlist


Thursday 16th October – The Alternative Show sitting in for Stuart Corry.  1st hour   2nd hour Playlist


4th October 2014  1st hour / 2nd hour – playlist



Music – Albums

Chas & Dave – Greatest Hits *****

Rammstein – Sonne *****

German Occupation Of A Russian Village During WW2

 Starving Child 1899-1902 - Unknown Photographer 

Doomed WW1 Fighter Pilot


Photo studies – Titanic sinking victims being buried at sea 1912



A Very Tasty Year

Eek Eek Eek

So You Think You’re A Goth

Tangled Lives

Poetry reviews

Siegfried Sassoon – I Stood With The Dead *****

Walt Whitman –

Laws For Creations *****

You Felons On Trial In Courts ****

Pubs And Beer


A Three Beer Night Out




The Art Of Interviewing Radio Guests


Reviews –


Charles Hamilton Sorley – Sonnet  *****

Walt Whitman – This Compost *****

Walt Whitman – The City Dead House *****

Walt Whitman – Song Of Prudence  ***

To A Common Prostitute *****


Walt Whitman – To A Foiled European Revolutionaire *****

Walt Whitman – Unnamed Lands  *****

Short Stories b d l r v w

Christopher Barzak – Smoke City **

Toby Davies – The Surprise *****

Toby Davies – What Peebee Did Next ****

Caitlan R Keirnan – The Collier’s Venus 1893 ****

Jay Lake – Benedice Te  **

Ken Liu – Good Hunting *****

Chris Robertson – Edison’s Frankenstein ***

Carrie Vaughn – Harry & Marlowe & The Talisman Of The Cult Of Egil *

Deborah Walker – The Three Brother Cities ***

Holly Walsh – The Crisis Plan *****

Jonathon Wood – Anna In The Night ***

Short Stories

He Slowly Opened The Door

So You Want To Go Viral Eh?


The Story In The Song

The Eagles – New Kid In Town *****

10CC –I’m Not In Love *****

Roger Whittaker – Durham Town *****


TV Reviews

Doctor Who

The Caretaker ****

Kill The Moon *

Mummy On The Orient Express ****

Gotham – Selina Kyle *****

A To Zee Of Me

A B  C



E  F  G

H An A To Zee Of Me - H

I An A To Zee Of Me - I










Q  R  S1  S2 S3 S4   S5









John Brunner – The Sheep Look Up *****

Paul Cornell – Saucer Country #13 *****

John M Ford – The Dragon Waiting **

Neil Gaiman – Bitter Grounds ****

Neil Gaiman – The Facts In The Case of The Departure Of Miss Finch *****

Neil Gaiman – Feeders And Eaters ****

Neil Gaiman – Good Boys Deserve Favours *****

Neil Gaiman – Harlequin Valentine **


The Oldham Beer Festival April 2013

Theatre – Lip Sevice – Inspector Norse April 2013 *****



Anthony Johnson – Dead Space **

Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead 4 The Heart’s Desire *****

Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead 5 The Best Defence *****

Robert Kirkman – The Walking Dead 9 Here We Remain ****

Robert Kirkham – The Walking Dead 12 – Life Among Them *****

English Mystery Plays – The Bannes (Prologue) *****


Judge Dredd Comics 


The Apartment *****

Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home *****

First Offence  *****

Fixing Daddy *****

La Placa Rifa ***

Nightmares ****

Theatre Of Death *****

Wot I Did During Necropolis By P J Maybe Aged 15 And A Half *****


A Top Ten of The Best Comic Strips in Viz Magazine

Film Reviews 

Collosus; The Forbin Project *****

Iron Man 3 *****

Jonathon Livingston Seagull *

Johnny Mnenomic *

Killer Fish *

Manderlay *****

Seven Days To Noon *****

Sir Henry At Rawlinson End *****

The Tourist *  


Eastercon Reviews Eightsquared March / April 2013


Thursday March 2013

Friday March 2013

Saturday March 2013

Sunday March 2013

Monday and Tuesday March 2013


Judge Dredd


Alan Grant

The Art Of Kenny Who? *****

In The Bath *****

John Cassavetes Is Dead *****

The Law According To Judge Dredd *****

Paid With Thanks *****


Pat Mills


The Cursed Earth *****


John Wagner (writing as T B Grover)


Banana City **

A Day At The Block Wars *****

A Mean Christmas ****

A New Superhero Is Born ****

Back On The Streets **

Beggar’s Banquet **

The Big Sleep *****

Chief Judge Resigns  *****

Death Of A Politician **

The Falucci Tape *****

Get Smart With Otto Sump *****

Gribligs *****

I Am The Lurker *****

It Pays To Be Mental *****

The Last Voyage Of The Flying Dutchman ***

Love Story  *****

Magnificent Obsession *****

The Man Who Knew Too Much*****

The Midnight Surfer *****

Nosferatu ***

Russell Muscle’s Inflatables ****

The Secret Diary Of Adrian Cockroach *****

Something Abnormal About Norman *****

The Squadron That Time Forgot **

The Warlord *****

West Side Rumble ***

Zombies *****


John Wagner


Breakdown On Ninth Street *****


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