Pages about the popular fetish for seeing and sharing the water with women in wet clothing.


THE BEST WETLOOK FILMS  The best 100 film and TV and pop videos to feature women in wet clothes.


PHAT-DIPPING The latest wetlook fetish social fad – erotica essay.


TRASH THE DRESS – Why many brides are choosing to soak their wedding dresses to destruction after the weddings.


UNBAPTISM – Story fusing atheist philosophy and wetlook fetish activity.


WATERCOLOURS Wetlook poem - A model nearly drowns for real posing as Ophelia. 


WET AND MESSY FUN FOR CHARITY - THE BATH OF PEAS - How I ended up soaked in peas for Children In Need.


WETLOOK DEFENCES  Why wetlook is good for you and why it is not a perversion.


WETLOOK IN POPULAR CULTURE  How women in wet clothes are presented in the arts, from Shakespeare to D H Lawrence and Millais.


WETLOOK SWIMMING STROKES  The best way to swim in clothes to show them off to maximum effect.


WETLOOK VARIETIES –What clothes wet best, and the best worst places and times for wetlook activity.


WHY I LIKE WETLOOK  How I became inspired by this growing fetish myself.


Arthur Chappell

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